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Where Was Netflix’s ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Season 4 Filmed?

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The first few episodes of Too Hot To Handle Season 4 are now on Netflix! Fans are eager to watch ten new contestants fight for love and develop real emotional connections with one another in paradise.

Lana will be back and this year Mario Lopez is joining the crew as host. Without a doubt, there’s going to be a lot of fun in the sun and so much temptation. Does this year’s cast have what it takes to resist their urges to take home the prize money?

Viewers will have a chance to find out before long. For now, fans can take the time to get to know the guests and learn more about the show. The first few episodes are available with the rest of the season to follow shortly.

Fans love hearing more about the series and the show in general. For example, many fans want to know where exactly the new season was filmed. Keep reading to get the inside scoop.

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 takes place in a beautiful island location

In the past, Netflix subscribers fell in love with Too Hot To Handle for many different reasons. But at the end of the day, most viewers agreed that it was just a lot of fun to watch.

The official description for Too Hot To Handle Season 4 is as follows: “Another set of singles arrives for a retreat at an irresistible new villa, where they’ll have to say no to their natural urges in order to win big.”

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 from Netflix
Too Hot To Handle/Instagram

In other words, it seems like this season is going to be a lot like the previous three seasons. Viewers will watch the ten participants fall in love, bicker with one another, and hopefully change their shallow ways.

Season 1 took place in Mexico while Seasons 2 and 3 took place in Turks and Caicos. But what about Season 4?

Too Hot To Handle Season 4 contestant from Instagram
Too Hot To Handle/Instagram

Meaww reports that Too Hot To Handle Season 4 will follow in the footsteps of Seasons 2 and 3 and will return to Turks and Caicos. So if you loved the scenery of the previous seasons, you’re in luck!

If you’re interested in checking out the newest trailer before you see the show, you can do that over on the show’s Instagram page.

How long do contestants stay at the resort?

Too Hot To Handle contestants often go through emotional growth and change during their time at the resort. But just how long do they get to stay there? TV Shows Ace previously noted that each season takes about one month to film.

Most people wouldn’t complain too much about staying in a resort that long, but Too Hot To Handle does have some pretty strict rules. Contestants aren’t even allowed to drink very much.

Stay tuned for more updates on Too Hot To Handle Season 4. The first few episodes are out on Netflix now, so tune in and see what’s up with this year’s cast.


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