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How Long Do Contestants Stay At The ‘Too Hot To Handle’ Resort?

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Netflix filmed Too Hot To Handle Seasons 2 and 3 in a beautiful resort in Turks and Caicos. Each season is 10 episodes long. But have you ever wondered how much time the contestants actually get to spend at the resort?

Contestants always seem to have a hard time following Lana’s rules. But you definitely can’t complain about staying in a luxurious resort like that one! Keep reading to find out a little bit more about the filming location.

Just a warning, there will be season spoilers! Read at your own risk.

The Too Hot To Handle resort comes with a pretty heavy price tag

During the course of Too Hot To Handle Season 3, the contestants appeared to grow remarkably close with one another. Several contestants started crying when Patrick Mullen announced he planned to leave the retreat. This suggests the contestants spend quite a bit of time together. But how long does filming actually take?

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Blurred Reality confirmed that the contestants spend approximately a month at the resort. Netflix filmed Season 3 back in January 2021, so it’s been some time since all the drama went down.

The resort the contestants live in is called the Turtle Tail Estate. If you want to stay there yourself, you can expect to pay about €8000 per night. That’s roughly $9,159.32 in American money.

The contestants weren’t pleased about following the “no physical contact” rules, but who could complain about a vacation like that one?

Just how well do you think you could follow the rules if you had the chance to stay at the Turtle Tail Estate? Be sure to let us know in the comments.

The Season 3 contestants bear it all on the reunion special

In case you hadn’t heard, there is a Too Hot To Handle Season 3 reunion special. If you want to catch up with Nathan, Holly, Beaux, Harry, and the rest of your favorite competitors, you can do that by checking out the special on YouTube. Click here to see that for yourself.

Too Hot To Handle/Instagram

Unfortunately, it seems like the couples all parted ways since their stay in the retreat. Although Harry and Beaux possibly got back together since the reunion special aired. Their Instagram pages seem to suggest a romantic relationship is happening there.

Nathan and Holly also split up, but mostly due to distance. Things may change if they move closer together at any point in time.

Did you enjoy Too Hot To Handle Season 3? Would you come back for a Season 4? Keep following TV Shows Ace online for all the latest reality TV news. We’ll fill you in as soon as we know more about Too Hot To Handle updates.

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