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Bravo’s ‘Below Deck’: Why Captain Lee Makes The ‘Big Bucks’

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Bravo’s Below Deck star Captain Lee Rosbach makes the “big bucks.” The high paycheck comes with high stakes, high pressure, and challenges. In the a recent episode of the reality series, he talked about how docking can be a challenge when the weather comes into play. The deck crew quickly learned about that due to the high winds and mountains in the area. Despite it all, there is nowhere that Captain Lee would rather be than at sea.

Forced to leave Bravo’s Below Deck?

Below Deck fans are getting nervous about the upcoming episode in which Captain Lee will have to step down from his job. This is the first time this happens on the show and in his long-running yachting career. In the season premiere, he shared that he had to undergo surgery on his left hip. Captain Lee’s doctor told him that he was good to go to work on the new charter season.

Captain Lee Rosbach [Bravo TV | YouTube]
[Bravo TV | YouTube]
Unfortunately, the side effects are less to be desired. Captain Lee expected to be upright and walking by now. Instead, he found himself limping around the yacht on a cane. In other scenes, he uses crutches to get around. On the Monday, December 5th episode of Below Deck, Captain Lee experiences numbness in his entire leg.

He shares in his confessional interviews that he doesn’t like feeling helpless. He has to rely on the deck crew more than ever. Captain Lee calls his doctor and mentions that he can’t feel his leg. It looks like this charter season may be too much for the OG star.

Below Deck fans fear that Captain Lee might have to sit out the rest of this season. Back in November, it was teased that he could leave the series. However, Captain Lee denied the rumors and said that he would never quit his job. He just made “an unexpected decision that rocks the boat to its core.”

Captain Lee Rosbach makes the big bucks

In a previous episode of Below Deck, Captain Lee opened up about his career. He tells the producers: “You get paid the big bucks to make hard calls.” Captain Lee loves yachting. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy though.

There are times when he has to make tough decisions when it comes to sailing. Most of those decisions have to do with docking since mother nature calls the shots. Captain Lee has to find a way to take control of the situation. He has to take the crew and guests’ safety into consideration.

This season of Below Deck Season 10 includes more rocky charters and high-pressure stakes for everyone involved. Why do you think Captain Lee makes the big bucks? Do you think he’s the best captain out of the entire franchise? Sound off below in the comment section.

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