‘Below Deck’ Season 10: Captain Lee Leaving Show For Good?

Captain Lee Rosbacxh [Bravo | YouTube]

The Below Deck Season 10 trailer is here. It shows Captain Lee Rosbach like fans have never seen him before. The Stud of the Sea has trouble getting around the yacht. Captain Lee has to use a cane in order to walk.

In another scene of the trailer, Lee announces to the crew that he has to make a difficult decision. This has them in tears later. Fans are also wondering if this is Captain Lee’s final season. Read on to learn more and to see what one of the former crew members has to say about the exit rumors.

Captain Lee Rosbach Confessional [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

First look at the Below Deck Season 10 trailer

Captain Lee Rosbach is leading the way on the motor yacht St. David. Fan favorites Chef Rachel Hargrove and Fraser Olender make their return on Season 10 of Below Deck. Fraser was promoted from second stew to chief stew. Newcomers include Alissa Humber, Ben Willoughby, Camille Lamb, Hayley De Sola Pinto, Katie Glaser, Luis Antonio “Tony” Duarte, and Ross McHarg.

Captain Lee isn’t going to tolerate any ridiculousness from the crew. One of his rules includes “don’t embarrass the boat and don’t embarrass the captain.” Lee also gives them this stern warning: “Yachting is not all fun and games. It is deadly serious. It will chew your little bum a** out and spit you out in a heartbeat.”

Is this Captain Lee’s last voyage?

The Below Deck Season 10 shows Captain Lee looking frail from seasons past. He has a hard time navigating his way around the yacht. Due to the dangerous conditions of the job, he might have to make a decision that he doesn’t want to. According to the synopsis on BravoTV.com, this is “the most shocking season of Below Deck yet.”

His decision could put the entire crew “in jeopardy.” Some of them are seen hanging their heads and crying. Earlier this season, rumors swirled that Captain Sandy Yawn had to step in for Captain Lee. This has fans fearing if Season 10 will be his final voyage.

Captain Lee Rosbach [Bravo | YouTube]
[Bravo | YouTube]

Below Deck alum clears up rumors

Former Below Deck chief stew Kate Chastain addressed the exit rumors. She’s still good friends with Captain Lee even though she doesn’t work in yachting anymore. She recently appeared on Brandi Glanville’s Unfiltered podcast where she was asked to address the rumors and fears surrounding Lee’s exit.

“He’s always coming back. Captain Lee will probably be on Below Deck for as long as the show is on,” the Below Deck alum shared, per Metro.co.uk. “There is a saying that every good captain goes down with the ship and metaphorically Captain Lee would do that.”

She explained that the tough decision he makes “has never happened before in prior seasons.” Kate shared that Lee “may or may not be the captain some of the time.” He also shared that has no plans to leave Below Deck anytime soon. He will still remain a part of the family in some form.

What are your thoughts on the Below Deck Season 10 trailer? Do you think Captain Lee is leaving for good? Does this help your fears? Sound off below in the comment section.

Below Deck Season 10 premieres on Monday, November 21 at 8 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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  1. Capt. Lee is “Below Deck”. He has been the Capt. of Capt.’s. Its sad to see him struggling, but I think he will come out of it and be his old self again. Lets hope so. Come on Capt., give it hell.

    1. Captain Lee should go back to the 1950’s with his abusive management style. After being threatened and called useless idiots ten times and threatening to fire someone in the middle of a charter, well someone called him on his abuse and walked out 3 hours before a charter. The captain made it clear he owed them nothing and found out its a two-way street. That’s what you get for being an a$$hole. He was useless. if he wasn’t on the boat the crew might have done a better job. Surely someone could drive the boat as well as he did. When the crew says they are not ready and you go ahead anyways, you are a liability and a danger. Complaining about the weather and using foul language about wind doesn’t help anyone. The wind is the wind, welcome it, or be drowned out by it. Just a whiney baby Dunson. He was not fit to be a captain. He is not fit enough to do any of their jobs and showed he was no smarter. He should retire before he gets people killed.

  2. Allowing a passenger with her mouth wired shut without medical staff to attend to her if she vomited is beyond stupid! chances of her dying on this trip are strong.

    1. actually, even medical staff wouldn’t be able to save her. she would die for sure! no airline would allow that.

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