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Kim Kardashian Parties With Leonardo DiCaprio

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Ever wonder if all the best celebs party together? Well, it turns out they do and the party of the year just happened. Not only was Kim Kardashian in attendance but so was Leonardo DiCaprio. Naturally, they had to party together. Keep reading to learn all we know so far.

Kim Kardashian parties at the gathering of the year

On Friday night, what seems to be the party of the year took place – Art Basel Miami’s 20th year. According to Page Six, it was a star-studded event. Not only was Kim in attendance, but so was her billionaire sister, Kylie Jenner along with Serena Williams, Khloe Kardashian, and, of course, Leonardo DiCaprio. It seems that this lavish party was a mashup of the stars as they all danced and partied together.

Kim Kardashian | Youtube
Kim Kardashian | Youtube

A source reveals that, of course, this was the party of the year to be at.

“Everyone who was anyone was there,” the source reports.

In the photos, it seems everyone is dressed their best and are having a great time hanging out with one another.

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It wouldn’t be a star-studded event of the year without some good music. That’s why 50 Cent opened up the whole party. Not only that, but he even did a second set when he learned that Khloe and Kim weren’t around to see his first set a source reveals.

“Kim and Khloé Kardashian walked into the mansion to be escorted to their friend’s table and as they were walking, they saw Wayne Boich, 50 Cent, and Serena Williams talking,” the source starts.

“50 said he was headed out and [Kim and Khloé] responded, ‘Did we miss your set?'”

The rapper then responds by saying “Do you wanna see it? Good, let’s go.”

Of course, he then got onstage and performed yet again just to make sure Kim and Khloe were able to see him perform.

Not only was 50 Cent there to cater to the Kardashian women, but Travis Scott was too. As mentioned above, Kylie Jenner was in attendance. Since Travis was performing it definitely makes sense that she would try to be there. She even mentioned in a recent episode of The Kardashians that she tries to show up any time she can to see her man perform.

Travis performed several of his hit songs like: Goosebumps, Highest in the Room, and No Bystanders.

What would you do to get an invite to party with Kim Kardashian and Leonardo? Sound off in the comments below! Come back for more on your favorite celebrities and Kardashian family members.

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