‘The Kardashians’ Scathing Review Points To Shallow & Fake?

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Hulu’s The Kardashians Season 2 has been called out for lack of content and now a critic slammed the makers for weak storylines. The reality show started with Keeping Up With The Kardashians and hooked fans with vivid details of the Kardashian family’s lifestyle, struggles, emotions, and everything else. However, the latest season seems like it is geared more toward showcasing the family in a positive light by airing controlled narratives. What more did the critic say? Keep reading to find out the details!

The Kardashians Season 2 Has A Plot-Free Narrative

A stinging report, shared by Daniel D’Addario, a reviewer for Variety, describes how the series has been mostly about the family’s reckless display of wealth. The review, published on Monday, asserted that The Kardashians’ latest season has a work-obsessed, plot-free narrative. The critic also slammed the family for parading their wealth. Instead of showing their real-life dramas, the family is flaunting the success of their businesses.

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Daniel wrote, “Endless discussion of the decorating schemes of family private jets comes to seem both tasteless and like a way to pad out running time.”

Is The Kardashian Family Controlling The Show’s Narrative?

He also criticized the family for tightly controlling the show’s narrative. Given that Kris, Kim, and her sisters are the executive producers of the show alongside Ben Winston, the show seems very micro-managed. As per the reviewer, the show feels similar to a document of tight control in a manner that the family sees fit. They have also portrayed themselves as fashion-industry standard-bearers.

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“Nothing happens on The Kardashians anymore!” he complained.

After Kim and Pete Davidson broke up, the executives cropped out most of his scenes from the show. This was also pointed out by the critic who said that Kim’s boyfriend was barely featured in the latest season. Moreover, her ex-husband Kanye West wasn’t a part of the latest season as well.

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The Kardashians replaced Keeping Up With The Kardashians in April 2022. The original show ran on E! from 2007 to 2021 after Hulu took charge of narrating the family’s story.

Fans Feel The Show Is Constant Ads And Product Placement

However, it isn’t just the critic who felt that the show has deteriorated ever since it first aired. Fans have also complained that The Kardashians show is too focused on projecting their businesses as their life’s story. Multiple episodes of Season 2, whose finale episode airs on November 17, revolve around promotional photoshoots and branding for Kylie’s Cosmetics and SKIMS. It also showcases shoots for the Hulu series as well.

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Disgruntled viewers took to social media to express their frustration. One Twitter user wrote, “Kardashians is just a chore to watch lately. It’s just constant ads and product placement.”

“There’s no reference to what is really going on in their lives-it’s just ads,” added another.

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Have you watched the latest season of The Kardashians? Plus, do you think Season 2 is boring? Share your thoughts in the comments and watch the show Thursdays on Hulu.

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