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‘Green Book’ Star Frank Vallelonga Jr. Found Dead In Bronx Street


Sad news for fans of Green Book as actor Frank Vallelonga Jr. was found dead in the streets of the Bronx on Monday morning of this week.  Sadly, the actor was just 60 years old at the time of his passing. What is known about the suspicious death of Frank Vallelonga Jr.? Keep reading for the details.

Green Book Frank Vallelonga Jr.  found dead in streets of the Bronx

On Monday of this week, police responded after receiving a phone call about a man being discovered unconscious on a street in the Bronx. When police arrived at the scene, the unconscious man was actually a dead body. The body was later identified as Frank Vallelonga Jr.

Presently, the official cause of death has yet to be released by the medical examiner. Police, however, tell TMZ that someone has been criminally charged with dumping Frank’s body onto that street. Reportedly, authorities also believe Frank’s cause of death was an overdose.

Those who don’t recognize Frank likely recognize his father Tony Lip who starred in the Sopranos on HBO as the mob boss named Carmine Lupertazzi. Frank also had a brother who dabbled in Hollywood. His brother Nick was the producer and co-writer of Green Book. Notably, Green Book was the recipient of two Academy Awards including one for Best Picture and one for Best Original Screenplay. Turns out, the plot of Green Book was actually about Frank’s father.

In the film, Frank’s father is played by Viggo Mortensen. Frank plays his uncle (his father’s brother) Rudy.

Sadly, Frank Vallelonga Jr. did not have a very prolific career as an actor with just a few credits to his name. The most notable credit being his role as his uncle in Green Book.

Rest in peace, Frank Vallelonga Jr.

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