T.J. Holmes Tells ‘GMA’ Fans He’s Not Going Anywhere?

TJ Holmes

TJ Holmes told GMA fans that he’s not going anywhere. This comes amid the rumors of his affair with Amy Robach. The duo made a shocking appearance during their hour on the morning show. They didn’t hide after Daily Mail’s explosive report about their months-long alleged affair.

It included 65 photos and video footage. Fans looked forward to Thursday’s broadcast of Good Morning America. They hoped that the co-anchors would’ve addressed the affair rumors. Fans expected something like when the Today Show addressed Matt Lauer’s firing and history of sexual harassment.

However, it was business as usual for GMA. TJ Holmes and Amy looked happier than ever. The rumored couple was unbothered by the rumors. Meanwhile, TJ sent a message to the fans at home.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach With Dr. Jen Ashton
[GMA | YouTube]

Amy Robach & TJ Holmes reunite amid affair rumors

On Thursday’s live broadcast of Good Morning America, Amy and TJ Holmes reunited in lieu of the scandal. Both of the co-anchors are still legally married to other people. They reportedly have been involved with each other for the past six months. Despite the Daily Mail’s report, TJ and Amy co-hosted GMA3 alongside Jennifer Ashton.

The two discussed the various news topics of the day, ignoring their own big story. They shied away from the news that everyone else on social media has been buzzing about. The duo also looked happier than ever. It’s as if they were glad that everybody knew of their secret.

Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Some GMA fans took to Twitter to react to the broadcast. They were shocked to see the two still on the morning show. However, some noted that Amy looked nervous even if she was happy to be sitting next to her new man. Rumors have swirled that TJ Holmes and Amy could lose their jobs over their alleged affair.

Other fans were shocked that neither of them addressed their rumored affair. Some think they’re acting ignorant about the news. Daily Mail first leaked the news on Wednesday, November 30, which quickly went viral. The photos showed the co-hosts looking cozy at a bar in NYC and leaving each other’s apartments in Manhattan.

GMA co-anchor sends cryptic message to fans

Meanwhile, GMA fans wonder if they will lose their jobs on the account of the affair. On the other hand, this could be a ratings boost for the show. Good Morning America attracts 3 million viewers every morning. TJ Holmes seemingly sent a cryptic message to fans during the broadcast.

TJ Holmes & Amy Robach [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
The co-anchors spoke to Dr. Jen Ashton about the flu season. Before they went to break, TJ and Amy mentioned the upcoming topics. Amy revealed that they will share a recipe for the holiday cookie they enjoyed. TJ Holmes added: “Stay with us HERE. We ain’t going anywhere.”

GMA fans took to Twitter to react to his cryptic message. Most of them caught TJ’s behavior and tone of voice before the show cut to a commercial break. They think he was sending a message to the firing rumors.

  • “We’re not going anywhere.’ I heard that before the commercial break, TJ. #GMA3.'”
  • “Now TJ talking about he not going anywhere. He knows what we’re were all thinking #GMA3.”
  • “TJ Holmes saying ‘we aren’t going anywhere’ into the break.”
  • “TJ just stated as they were going into the break, ‘we ain’t going anywhere.’ @ABCGMA3 was that a covert message to the viewers who may be disappointed in his & Amy’s alleged infidelity? #GMA3#TJHolmes#AmyRobach”

What are your thoughts on TJ Holmes telling fans he’s not going anywhere? Do you believe him? Or, do you think this scandal will affect their jobs? Sound off below in the comment section.

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