Stephen Amell Wants To Return As Green Arrow?

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Would Stephen Amell like to play the role of Green Arrow once more?

After eight years and eight seasons, CW’s Arrow came to an end in January 2020. After two years of its cancellation, Stephen Amell revealed on Instagram recently that he would love to step back under the green hood once more time. Does he want the show to return to the CW or is he looking to make a crossover appearance in a different superhero series on the CW? Moreover, why was Arrow canceled in the first place? Keep reading for all the answers to these questions.

Stephen Amell - YouTube
Stephen Amell – YouTube

Stephen Amell wants to return as the Green Arrow?

During a recent Instagram Live appearance, Stephen Amell admitted he loved the idea of returning to his role as Oliver Queen. More specifically, he thought bringing the Green Arrow back in some capacity for the final season of The Flash sounded like a great idea. Unfortunately, he did make it a point to clarify that he had not officially been asked to return as the Arrow. He just wanted it to be known he was open to the idea.

People ask me if I’m going to come back for The Flash final season. I guess you’re just going to have to watch. Haven’t been asked, but, you know, that’d be fun.”

As fans of The Flash might recall, Stephen Amell lasted appeared during Season 6 in the episode titled, “Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part Three.”

Stephen Amell - YouTube
Stephen Amell – YouTube

Why did the CW cancel the Arrow in the first place?

Learning that Stephen Amell is so ready and willing to step back under the green hood once more to play the Green Arrow has fans wondering why the CW canceled the series in the first place. Was it not getting good ratings? Did too many of the other cast members refuse to come back for more new episodes?

On Twitter, the executive producer of the series, Marc Guggenheim, opened up about the decision not to renew for another season. Sadly, Marc revealed that the brink of the coronavirus pandemic was a huge contributing factor in the decision to cancel the series


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Would you like to see Stephen Amell as the Green Arrow once more? Considering how many times the character has been featured in Flash, do you think it would ideal to include him in the final season? Share your thoughts down below. And, keep coming back for more TV news.

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