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‘SW’ Fans Miss Meri Brown‘s Once Gorgeous Hair

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Sister Wives fans miss Meri Brown with her once-gorgeous hair. They think she should go back to her longer hairstyle. Fans also want her to reconsider going back to her old stylist for the upcoming Tell-All. Keep reading to learn more and to see how this conversation started.

Sister Wives star starts January 2022 with a new style

Meri Brown shocked fans when she started this year with a new style. She also had an inspirational message behind it. However, fans noticed that she was rocking a fresh haircut. Most of them took to the comment section of her Instagram post to share their appreciation of this fresh hairstyle.

Meri is likely to debut her shorter hairstyle on a future season of Sister Wives. In her Instagram video, she didn’t look down like she does in her confessional interviews on the TLC series. She admitted that she was looking forward to a new year. Meri had a lot of newness on her mind as she talked about her goals.

Meri Brown Gets Big Chop [Meri Brown | Instagram]
[Meri Brown | Instagram]
“I have life goals, I have business goals. I love my life. I’m happy. I’m gonna keep on doing me because THAT’S what makes me happy,” Meri Brown wrote in the caption of her Instagram post. “Being me, my authentic self, living by my set of values and standards, following my dreams and passions, living my fulfilled life, y’all that’s what it’s about!”

The reality star said she will continue to be her “authentic self.” She doesn’t care what people think of her personal life or career plans. As fans know, Meri Brown loves to make money from promoting LulaRoe even though it’s been filled with controversy. She loves to wear a lot of apparel and accessories from the fashion brand.

Fans were positive about her haircut at the time. However, some feel that Meri needs a change. They would like to grow out her hair. Some of those fans loved the longer styles she rocked during the early seasons of Sister Wives.

Meri Brown [TLC | YouTube]
[TLC | YouTube]

Should Meri Brown grow her hair out?

On Tuesday, November 29, one fan took to the TLC Sister Wives subreddit to share photos of Meri Brown from Season 6. They shared that she “should have stuck with the Tell-All hair stylist” from then. The fan shared a series of photos of Meri with her hair styled in a straight long bob with a side part.

Other fans took to the thread to share their thoughts on Meri’s current style. Most agree that she needs a makeover. Some even noticed how tired and sad she looks on the show. It’s a stark contrast to her behavior in Season 17.

  • “I will never understand what she does to her hair. It always looks so fried and unhealthy.”
  • “She had such pretty hair when the show started. I don’t understand what happened to it. It’s like she had a whole hair transplant.”
  • “Her current hairstyle is the worst I have ever seen it.”
  • “She should have kept her long hair we’ve seen in photos when they first started SW… I think it suited her better than her hairstyle choices the past decade.”

Other fans wonder if a hormonal imbalance is a reason why Meri’s hair and skin look so different. Some feel that she would look better if she got a professional blowout. Others suggest that she should go back to the long bob. Some noted she also looked happier and younger during those times.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Sister Wives fans that Meri Brown used to have gorgeous hair? Do you think she should go back to her old hairstyle? Sound off below in the comment section.

New episodes of Sister Wives air on Sundays on TLC at 10 p.m. ET. Check back with TV Shows Ace for more news on Meri Brown.

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  1. Seriously!!! Meri is the homliest see you next Tuesday, I have ever seen. Her hair, along with her face, and her personality is gross. She is such a pitiful whiner, and fits in perfectly with losers sobbing Robyn, and narcissistic Kody.

    1. I totally agree with you! She’s ALWAYS playing the victim, wah wah poor me!!!! Plus, why does she need so much square footage ??????? LOL

  2. women age… like every single woman on the planet… your hair and skin change . it is part of it. and being in a loveless marriage can’t help either. so for her age she is doing fine

  3. I don’t care if it is long or short but most of the time she looks. like she just rolled out of bed and did not bother to brush her hair

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