Disappointed Kody Brown Says Goodbye To Truely

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Kody Brown said goodbye to Truely once already. His youngest daughter with ex-wife Christine is headed to Utah with her mother. She is unsure about the whole moving process as she will miss her family and friends. However, her sister Ysabel believes that this move is all for the best. Truely should not grow up around parents who do not love one another and are completely dysfunctional.

In Utah, she will be around their older sisters, Mykelti Padron and Aspyn Thompson. Both are in loving marriages and this could help shape Truely’s view on love. However, before Truely and Christine could officially settle into their new rental, they had to return to Flagstaff. This meant one more goodbye from Kody and it was not easy for the father of eighteen.

Disappointed Kody Brown Says Goodbye To Truely

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Christine and her family depart Flagstaff for Utah. Unfortunately, she knew that they would have to return in the very near future. All of her belongings would not fit in the moving truck so, along with Truely, they returned to Flagstaff. Kody came by to help load a snowblower Christine was really excited about. Of course, the exes butted heads over how the truck should be packed. Earlier in the episode, Kody mentioned how he had wanted to tell Christine he loved her.

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However, this interaction between the two of them dramatically changed his feelings. He has been flip-flopping extensively over how he feels toward Christine. One moment, he loves her and wishes they could have made it work after all of the efforts he put into the marriage. Then, he never wants to see her again. As he was loading the truck, Christine felt a sense of freedom because she was free from him.

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On the other hand, Kody knew that she owed him nothing so she could say and do whatever she wanted. This stung a lot for him and he felt out of control. Once they were finished, he went to say goodbye to Truely. It started off quick and then he pulled her in for a real hug. He knew that, along with losing a wife, he was losing a daughter and he had no idea when he would see her again. Everything was out of sorts and he was disappointed, frustrated, and seemingly heartbroken, all the same.

Making An Effort

Kody Brown alleged that he was going to set up a room for Truely at Robyn’s for when she returned to Flagstaff to visit him. Yet, when she was there to finish packing, she didn’t stay with him. Rather, she had a fun overnight in Janelle’s RV with her and her daughter, Savanah. It still does not appear that much effort has been made to accommodate Truely. Therefore, Kody may miss his daughter and like the idea of setting up a space for her but has it happened? That is still yet to be seen.

Do you think Kody and Robyn will ever accommodate Truely or is she better off just staying with Janelle when she visits? Let us know in the comments and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. I feel Kody is going to realize one day that Robyn is not his only wife. If you want to marry all these ladies, you have to respect and love them all the same way. I don’t understand why Meri is still there, maybe she don’t need affection like the average woman. It’s sad to think these ladies put all of there eggs in one basket.

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