Christine Brown Praises Her ‘Warrior Goddess‘ Daughter

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Christine Brown is a big supporter of the women around her. She is especially in tune with her five daughters Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely. Recently, Mykelti gave birth to twins which Christine cannot help but love on. However, she is also giving praise to her daughter, as well. Why? Read on for more details.

Christine Brown Praises Her ‘Warrior Goddess‘ Daughter

On November 17th, Mykelti was induced so she could deliver her twin boys. At the time of delivery, she was measuring 54 weeks pregnant. Yet, she was still playing with her daughter, Avalon, one-and-a-half. She even dressed up for Halloween so she could be by the little one’s side. Though she had hoped to have a vaginal birth, the babies were breached. Therefore, Mykelti had to have an emergency C-section to allow them to be born safely.

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This was quite different than her delivery with Avalon as she had a very long home birth with her first child. Her mother, Christine was there for both births as was her father’s fourth wife, Robyn. This time, she was physically in Utah while the first time around, she came in via Zoom. It has been an amazing experience for everyone and Christine has so much enjoyed her role as Oma.

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In her latest Instagram post, she is beaming as she holds Ace and Archer. The caption reads: “So grateful for these beautiful twin boys! I have to tell you, @mykeltip is a freakin’ warrior goddess Mother! I’m blessed! So blessed!” It is clear that Christine is still in awe of her daughter and what her body was able to do. The fact that she carried these twins as long as she did, both weighing in at a healthy six pounds plus each was a great feat. 

No Kody Yet

Though Mykelti’s father, Kody is not active on his social media, he has not made any mention of the new arrivals. However, he has been lambasted like crazy over the way he treats his wives. Fans are hopeful that both Janelle and Meri will follow Christine Brown’s lead and leave the plural family. For now, it seems that Christine is not letting any of the negativity get to her.

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She is living her best life in Utah, away from Flagstaff though she does have to relive her split from Kody weekly on Sister Wives. Yet, she is seeing that he did really love her even after she departed the family. He openly showed mixed emotions from never wanting to see Christine again to having feelings of love. It’s a rollercoaster with him and it seems she is happy to be off of it.

What do you think of Christine’s sweet words for her daughter? More so, do you love seeing her so happy? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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