Lifetime’s ‘Baking All The Way’ Stars Cory Lee, Yannick Bisson

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In the Lifetime movie Baking All The Way, a pastry chef and writer needs a very special gingerbread recipe. Can a private bakery owner open up and share his prized recipe?

Baking All The Way stars Cory Lee (My Grown-Up Christmas List, Styled With Love), Mikaela Bisson (Anything For Jackson, Murdoch Mysteries), Yannick Bisson (Aurora Teagarden Mysteries, Anything For Jackson), and Jayne Eastwood (A Tail Of Love, Heart Of The Holidays).

In addition, Darrin Maharaj, Debra McGrath, Colin Mochrie, Vas Saranga, Bianca Sas, and Maria Syrgiannis also star in this Lifetime movie.

Courtney McAllister (Christmas In Toyland, A Perfect Match) wrote the script with Yannick Bisson (Murdoch Mysteries) directing.


What Is Lifetime’s Baking All The Way About?

According to The Futon Critic, Julia Wilson (Lee) is a pastry chef from Chicago. She is writing a Christmas cookbook and is headed to a small town to visit their bakery and get their secret gingerbread recipe to complete her book.

However, when she gets there, Kris Thompson (Yannick Bisson), the bakery’s owner, is not so sure he wants to share his recipe.

Can Julia coax this recipe and complete her book? Or does she have to battle it out with the ambivalent owner?

When Can You Watch Baking All The Way?

The premiere of Baking All The Way is on Thursday, November 24, at 8 p.m., Eastern, on Lifetime.

It’s A Wonderful Lifetime

Lifetime is airing holiday movies til Christmas! Don’t miss Reindeer Games Homecoming. This is a Grey’s reunion with Sarah Drew and Justin Bruening.

In this story, MacKenzie (Drew) is a biology teacher in Vermont. She competes every year in The Reindeer Games on behalf of her late father. Her beloved father was a firefighter, and she competes with his former firefighting team, who are now all retired.

Meanwhile, big-time actor, Chase Weston (Bruening) is back in town. He is visiting over Christmas to help out his pregnant sister, and her son, while his brother-in-law is deployed.

However, he winds up participating in The Reindeer Games. Mac, who still harbors a crush since high school, is directly taunting and competing with Chase. Sparks fly, as he is happy to dish it right back.

However, when he calls her “Pre-Med” as a nickname, she is clearly upset. He has called her that since high school. But, she gave up her career dreams and settled back into their small town.

Now that Chase is back in town, she is beginning to remember who she was and what she wanted. That includes her dishy crush. But, Hollywood calls, and this relationship seems impossible.

Is this only a holiday fling, or will Chase prove that he is willing to win over a love that is better than any role he will ever take?

Which It’s A Wonderful Lifetime movie is your favorite this year?

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