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Kendall Jenner Accessorized With Her Urine At Met Gala

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In the new episode of The Kardashians, fans got the chance to see the entire family head to the Met Gala. However, Kendall Jenner added a rather interesting accessory to her outfit. Keep reading for all of the weird details.

Kendall Jenner goes to the Met

The newest episode of The Kardashians features all the sisters and Kris Jenner as they prepare to go to the Met Gala. The family has been prepping for this occasion for multiple episodes so it was nice to finally see it through in the most recent episode. While all of the sisters look absolutely amazing in their Met outfits, one thing stands out amongst the rest – Kendall Jenner’s urine.

Of course, the outfits that these women wear to the Met are massive and oftentimes hard to move in. This year, Kendall opted for a massive, black ballgown which didn’t leave her with much room to move – or go to the bathroom. This is exactly the issue she faced in the car on the way to the gala when she suddenly needed to use the restroom.

Seeing as this predicament had no clear solution since Kendall had to be on the red carpet, she opted to use an ice bucket to go to the bathroom. However, that didn’t exactly go to plan as she accidentally got some of her urine on her foot. Kendall made it clear she was mortified about the whole situation, but that doesn’t mean she didn’t walk down the red carpet with urine on her foot – because she absolutely did.

“You guys there’s pee on my feet!” Kendall says “It’s fine, nobody will know,” Kendall says after using her ice bucket toilet.

She still looked stunning

Of course, no one did know while she was on the red carpet, and fans only just found out because of The Kardashians. Instead, Kendall stunned in her Prada gown and even shared the look on her Instagram. Her makeup was just as pretty as her dress and she even went as far as to bleach her eyebrows to really give herself an interesting look. Apparently, even with urine on your foot, you can still walk the red carpet and photograph more perfectly than ever before.

Kendall Jenner | Youtube
Kendall Jenner | Youtube

Did you watch the new episode of The Kardashians? What did you think of the sisters’ outfits? Let us know in the comments below. Come back for more on all of your favorite celebrity families.

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