Kyle Chrisley Wishes Things Were Different On Chloe’s Birthday

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Kyle Chrisley made a rare appearance on Instagram with a very bittersweet tribute to his daughter Chloe on her birthday. Sadly, Todd Chrisley’s oldest son wishes things could be different as he watches his daughter Chloe grow and loves her from afar.

Happy Birthday Chloe! I can’t believe how fast these 10 years have flown. You’re turning into such an amazing little lady and you’re so beautiful. Gosh how I wish things were different. I would give you the world if I could.. I hope you’ve had a great day today and I love you so much, always!

The Instagram post featured Chloe sitting in her father’s lap with a huge smile on her face. The photo is fairly recent suggesting she does see her father from time to time.

Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram
Todd and Chloe Chrisley/Instagram

Kyle Chrisley wishes things were different for Chloe

Todd Chrisley’s oldest son admits he’s in awe of the beautiful young lady his daughter has grown into. He, however, can’t help but wish things would have been different. And, he admits he would have given his little girl the entire world. Sadly, his post suggests he didn’t actually see Chloe on her birthday.

In the comments, Chrisley Knows Best fans had nothing but love for Kyle. Many fans pointed out that he needed to not be so hard on himself because he did make the very best decision for his daughter. And, he did give her the world by stepping aside and letting his father take care of her.


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Here’s what some of his Instagram followers had to say about his bittersweet post:

  • “You gave her the best thing you could ever give her Kyle and that’s stability. The stability of your parents. I commend you for that!! God bless you”
  • “Kyle Be proud of yourself. You have a beautiful 10 year old daughter and you are doing so well. Keep believing in yourself God and your family. Happy Birthday Chloe”
  • “You have given her the world; you stepped aside when you needed to and gave her to those who could raise her. You made the ultimate sacrifice for the betterment of her life. You can’t ask for more. Love and forgive yourself and keep loving Chloe.”

As TvShowsAce previously reported, Julie Chrisley also penned a beautiful tribute to Chloe. Her tribute, however, was hit with some intense backlash because she referred to herself as Chloe’s mother. Despite parenting Chloe for many years now, fans still don’t care for her referring to herself as Chloe’s mother.


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What do you think about Kyle Chrisley’s birthday tribute to his daughter? Let us know in the comments.


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