When Does ‘Green Lantern’ TV Series Premiere On HBO Max?

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The Green Lantern TV series was announced in 2019. Since then, fans have been speculating when the series would premiere on HBO Max. Although the series is still under production, Green Lantern fans now have a tentative timeline for the series premiere. The makers also released information on the cast of the upcoming series. So, when does the Green Lantern TV series premiere? Keep reading to find out the details!

Green Lantern HBO Max Premiere Delayed With New Changes

The show is still coming to HBO Max, however, it has undergone a few changes prior to its premiere. As per Game Revolution, the series is likely to premiere in late 2023 or early 2024. The show is currently back in its early stages of development after most of its showrunners departed. It is currently being overseen by a traditional HBO Max–level production circle. So, it would take the series at least 2 years before it appears on the platform.

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Although HBO Max previously announced that Finn Wittrock and Jeremy Irvine will be a part of the show, they are no longer signed on for the series. Wittrock was set to play the antagonistic Lantern, Guy Gardner. On the other hand, Irvine was set to play Alan Scott, the OG Green Lantern from the Justice Society.

Wayne T. Carr Might Play The Green Lantern Lead

Currently, the series is focused on John Stewart’s character. He was the main Lantern of the popular Justice League animated series. Although the lead name hasn’t yet been announced, Wayne T. Carr will be appearing as John Stewart for a cameo in the Justice League Snyder Cut. Given that the show is part of the DCEU world, it is speculated that Carr would take over the upcoming series as well.

Wayne T Carr YouTube Green Lantern

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The decision to change the series’ focus comes after the recent departure of Walter Hamada, former President of DC Films. Now, the show will work with a much smaller budget when compared to what it started with, an estimated $120 Million budget.

James Gunn Hints At DCU’s Future Under New Regime

Given that a lot of things have changed in Green Lantern’s production, previous rumors about the show are now deemed inaccurate. However, DC’s new Co-CEO, James Gunn did tweet an interesting point related to DCEU’s direction that might hint at Green Lantern’s progress. Currently, Peacemaker and Green Lantern are the only DCU shows confirmed and under production.

Stewart is one of DC’s first Black superheroes and is the definitive Green Lantern for fans who grew up watching the animated Justice League series. Apart from the information that Stewart would be the lead, there is no information on what the plot of the upcoming series will be.

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