‘OutDaughtered’ Uncle Dale & Aunt KiKi Share New Family Member

Dale Mills - Kiki Mills Instagram

Just days after celebrating her big 4-0, Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale Mills of OutDaughtered took to Instagram to reveal they’ve introduced a new member to their family. As those who follow Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi on Instagram know, the extension of the Busby family shared tragic news with fans about 11 weeks ago. They were forced to say goodbye to a member of their family. Their dog Kobe.

It has been 11 weeks since they shared that tragic news. And, it appears as if their hearts have had some time to heal as they’ve now opened their home to a new furbaby. What is the name of the newest member of their family? And, what does the furbaby look like? Keep reading for the details and to see some pictures!

Uncle Dale Mills Instagram
Uncle Dale Mills Instagram

Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi Mills share new family member

Both Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi Mills took to their Instagram profiles with the same couple of photos and captions.

Introducing the newest member of the Mills family, Tiger! He’s a petite Golden Doodle,” they penned in the caption of the photo. 

The first photo featured a photo of the newest member of the family. A tiny Golden Doodle who appeared to be sitting on an orange, black, and white fuzzy blanket on the seat of a car. The second photo featured the entire family posing with the new pop. Kenzie was mostly the one holding the dog in the picture. But, her brother managed to get a hand on him too!

OutDaughtered fans praised the family on the exciting news

The comment section of the photos contained a lot of people who were confused about what happened to their other dog Kobe. While Uncle Dale and Aunt KiKi have not chimed in, several of their followers reminded everyone he had passed away 11 weeks ago.

Most doted on how cute the furbaby was. Here’s what some fans had to say in the comments:

  • “I am so excited for y’all. Can’t wait to watch him grow!!!”
  • “Aww!! Congratulations on the newest family member!”
  • “Omg he is so adorable . Love the name!”

Here’s the Instagram post with photos of the new member of their family:

Are you surprised to see Aunt KiKi and Uncle Dale Mills get a new dog just 11 weeks after Kobe passed away? Or, do you think it was time to fill the void in their household with a new furbaby? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back with more OutDaughtered news.

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