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Indianapolis Colts Fire Head Coach Frank Reich


Breaking news for NFL fans as the Indianapolis Colts have just fired their head coach, Frank Reich.

Indianapolis Colts fire head coach, Frank Reich

According to the Indianapolis Colts’ official website, the team has made the decision to part ways with their head coach, Frank Reich. As those who have been following the Indianapolis Colts’ gameplay this season know, the team has been struggling in a massive way. The decision to fire the head coach is the third big decision the team has made as they struggle to turn the season around. As NFL reminds fans, the team fell to 3-5-1 after losing in a way that was somewhat embarrassing for Hoosiers to watch during Sunday’s game against New England.

As fans of the Indianapolis team know, Frank Reich was hired back in 2018. He was an immediate improvement to the team as they managed to make it to the postseason with a record of 10-6 during his first season as part of the team. Unfortunately, many believed Frank’s success with the team was shot in the foot when Andrew Luck suddenly retired.

News of Reich’s termination comes as a bit of a shock as its the first time in Jim Irsay’s 25 years as the owner of the Colts that he’s ever dismissed a coach during the season. Just a week ago, there were reports that Reich’s position as head coach was safe and secure because Irsay would never axe a coach during the season. Turns out, Irsay reached his limit when the Colts lost 26-3 during their game against New England.

Who is stepping in?

Six minutes ago, the NFL team announced Jeff Saturday would be stepping in as the interim head coach. As fans of the Indianapolis Colts know, Jeff was once a member of the team himself. He still resides in Indiana and he’s pretty well-liked by most Hoosiers. Jeff Saturday stepping into the head coach position could be just what the team needs to turn things around.

Are you surprised the Indianapolis Colts have parted ways with their head coach, Frank Reich? Or was this something you saw coming? Let us know what you think in the comments down below.

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