Twitter Thinks Kanye West Killed Aaron Carter

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Full disclaimer: TvShowsAce in no way, shape, or form is reporting that Kanye West killed Aaron Carter. There, however, are a lot of theories sprouting up on Twitter right now that suggest a lot of people are taking a hard look at Aaron Carter’s eerie final tweet directed toward Kanye West.

What exactly was it that the late singer tweeted prior to his passing? And, why are some theorists on Twitter so convinced Kanye West has something to do with Aaron Carter’s passing?

Keep reading to see what Aaron posted and why so many people are looking sideways at Kanye West right now.

Kanye West | Youtube
Kanye West | Youtube

Twitter thinks Kanye West killed Aaron Carter

As those who follow Aaron Carter on Twitter know, he has had a beef with Kanye West for the past few months. Namely, Kanye repeatedly attacked the Jewish community and it infuriated Aaron.

A few weeks ago, Aaron came for Kanye HARD during an episode of the No Jumper podcast. During the episode, Aaron had harsh words for Kanye. Moreover, he made it known on Twitter recently that he wanted to meet with the rapper face-to-face so they could discuss things man-to-man. Turns out, Aaron’s final tweet prior to his death was urging Kanye to talk with him.

The eerie final tweet has been re-tweeted over 6K times and it has accumulated over 2K responses. Twitter seems to be having a pretty difficult time looking past this being Aaron’s final tweet. Here’s some of what people are saying in the comments of this tweet:

  • “This boy got silenced, they didn’t want him to share some information with Ye The coincidence is too big to be one, I mean come on.”
  • If any of you think he wasn’t murdered think again. Kanye is on point.”
  • “I’m saying!!!! Something doesn’t seem right with this!”
  • “Gone too soon Aaron… Funny how your last tweet was about wanting to talk to Kanye. I definitely don’t believe that you “drowned in your tub” Prayers for peace, and comfort to your friends and family RIP”

Presently, there is no evidence to support this theory. But, Aaron’s final tweet is still giving everyone chills!

Are you surprised by this wild theory spreading like wildfire on Twitter? What do you think Aaron Carter’s cause of death actually was? Let us know in the comments down below.

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