Aaron Carter’s Twin Sister Angel Reacts To His Death

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Aaron Carter’s sudden death at the age of 34 yesterday shocked everyone. Fans looked to the singer and rapper’s family and celebrity friends for tributes and beautiful pictures to remember him by. While some people know this and some people don’t — Aaron Carter has a twin sister named Angel. Like his big brother Nick, his twin sister Angel has also taken to social media to react to his sudden passing. Her tribute included some precious photos of herself with her twin brother.

Aaron Carter’s twin sister Angel reacts to his passing

Aaron Carter’s sister Angel took to her Instagram shortly after news of his death broke. Angel penned at the beginning of her tragic tribute to her twin brother: “To my twin… I loved you beyond measure. You will be missed dearly.”

My funny, sweet Aaron,I have so many memories of you and I, and I promise to cherish them. I know you’re at peace now. I will carry you with me until the day I die and get to see you again.

Aaron Carter’s twin sister concluded her post with a broken heart emoji. Attached to the sweet caption she shared several photos of herself with her brother Aaron. Like her brother Nick, Angel hoped that Aaron could now find the peace he was never able to find during the time that he was alive.

Check out the sweet tribute and cluster of photos she posted of herself and her twin brother:


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Now, Angel doesn’t have the same following as her twin brother or as Nick. But, that didn’t stop fans of the singer from pouring into her comments to pay their respects to her.

Nick Carter also paid tribute

Nick Carter’s tribute came much later than Angel’s. The Backstreet Boy admitted that he and his brother had a complicated relationship. But, his love for his baby brother never faded. He was heartbroken. But, he hoped his brother was finally at peace.

Here is Nick’s sweet tribute to his little brother:


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Were you a fan of Aaron Carter’s music? Pay your respects to the late singer in the comments down below.

Rest in peace, Aaron Carter.

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