Netflix Confirms ‘Big Mouth’ Renewed For Season 7

Big Mouth on Netflix | Netflix Press Site

Big Mouth is coming back for more raunchy, hilarious animated humor. The Netflix series about middle-school kids reaching puberty and dealing with it thanks to their hormone monsters will return for a seventh season.

Netflix originally renewed the show for a fifth and sixth season, the latter of which arrived on October 28, 2022. It usually takes Netflix a month to determine whether it will offer a renewal. It appears Big Mouth did well enough in its first weekend that the streaming giant made an early decision.

Netflix renews Big Mouth for Season 7

Big Mouth on Netflix | Netflix Press Site

Big Mouth premiered in 2017 from creators Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg. The adult animated series focuses on a group of kids, with the main spotlight on Nick Birch and Andrew Glouberman, seventh-grade teenagers who reached puberty and find Hormone Monsters arriving in their life to help lead their decisions.

The problem is that the Hormone Monsters always seem to make some very questionable decisions. The main Hormone Monster is Maurice, who is there to help Andrew, a Jewish boy from an uptight family. Nick originally got a mentally disturbed Hormone Monster named Rick, who eventually retired. The other main Hormone Monster is a female named Connie (a Monstress) who started out with Nick’s friend Jessi and her friend Missi before she took on the role of helping Nick.

Big Mouth on Netflix | Netflix Press Site

Through the first six seasons, the kids have gone through some tough times, including the Depression Kitty, Shame Wizard, and Anxiety Mosquitos. Obviously, each of these represents the struggles that kids go through when they reach puberty.

The show was an instant hit and received not only six seasons but also a spin-off called Human Resources, which focused on the Hormone Monsters in their workplace. That show was also renewed for a second season.

What is the Big Mouth Season 7 release date?

Big Mouth on Netflix | Netflix Press Site

There is no word on when Big Mouth will return to Netflix for Season 7. However, this is an animated series, so it takes more time to complete than live-action shows. Yet, we can give a good guess on when it will be back. The first season premiered in September 2017 and the second hit in October 2018. The third season split into two parts, but the fourth hit in December 2020, the fifth in November 2021, and the sixth in October of this year.

With that in mind, Big Mouth Season 7 should arrive late in 2023, likely between October and December. There is also good news in that Netflix usually announces a “final season” when it makes renewals if there won’t be more, and they didn’t do that here. Finally, this means Big Mouth might continue to make adults laugh for years to come.

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