‘GMA:’ Missing Gio Benitez Shows Up In Unlikely Place?

Gio Benitez [GMA | YouTube]

Gio Benitez has gone missing from Good Morning America. Now, he’s popped up in an unlikely place. The co-anchor explained his absence. He’s been far away from the New York City headquarters. Read on to learn more about Gio’s whereabouts and see his latest update.

GMA co-host films live in his jammies

Gio Benitez just shared that he’s got the easiest gig in the world. He shared during a live show on GMA that he’s been hiding away at a secret location. Gio joked that he was “still in his jammies” as fans noticed that he was briefly gone from the morning show. This week, the journalist appeared on the ABC show as a ‘Transportation Correspondent.”

He looked comfy as he cuddled up in bed along a moving bus. The headline read: “Business class on the road?” Gio talked about the new luxury bus that has clients lining up. During the segment, he wore a black T-shirt and a cozy plush gray blanket. He admitted that he wore his jammies for this report.

Gio Benitez [GMA | YouTube]
[GMA | YouTube]
Gio Benitez went without his usual suit and tie. He just woke up after he spent a night on the moving luxury bus. It includes amenities such as flat beds. Even though it has the comforts of home, it’s cheaper than the cost of a flight. Currently, the bus travels between select cities in Tennessee and Washington D.C.

“We boarded this bus at 9 pm last night in Washington, D.C., and now we are in Tennessee,” Gio Benitez shared during his report. “(We’re) about two hours away from Nashville.”

The news anchor was ready to get back to sleep after his broadcast. Gio slipped his sleep mask on and resumed his normal activities. In the next live taping, he shared his experience aboard the luxury bus. Gio admitted he was “impressed by the size of these beds.”

Gio Benitez has become a fan favorite

He’s become a fan-favorite among GMA viewers. They’ve been asking to see more of Gio Benitez. Sometimes he goes on the road to film segments such as this. Gio filled in for veteran journalist George Stephanopoulos when he went on a vacation to Greece with his wife Ali Wentworth.

GMA Poses With Michael Strahan & Cecilia Vega [Gio Benitez | Instagram]
[Gio Benitez | Instagram]
Gio Benitez sat alongside fellow co-hosts, Michael Strahan and Cecilia Vega. When he shared his onset selfie with them on Instagram, fans were begging for more. Most of them couldn’t get enough of Gio.

  • “Gio is my favorite anchor!”
  • “Love Gio, he’s such a natural anchorman!”
  • “It’s good to see Gio where he should be.”
  • “Great job Gio and I can’t wait to see him again.”

What are your thoughts on Gio Benitez? Did you miss him on GMA? What did you think of his latest segment? Sound off below in the comment section.

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