Fans Rage Over ‘Masked Singer’ Cancellation Again?

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Fans have struggled with constant The Masked Singer postponements and cancellations. They are used to tuning in every Wednesday night to see who has been singing underneath the costumes. This week, once again, the show was pushed from its regular time slot to Sunday night. Viewers were frustrated as they either did not want to wait or they had other shows scheduled for that evening. So, after a handful of delays and ultimate cancellation, are fans over the show? Read on for more details.

Fans Lash Out Over Constant Masked Singer Cancellations

A few weeks back, the show was delayed unexpectedly. A baseball game was scheduled but went on later than expected due to a rain delay. Though the show kept fans updated via social media, eventually they had to cancel the show for the night. That episode was moved to the following week. Something similar happened again due to baseball and viewers are over it. They just want to watch their show and with good reason. Not everyone is into baseball.

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The World Series is airing this week so The Masked Singer put out a message, in advance, that their special 100th episode would not be airing Wednesday. According to The Sun, the show made sure to add a reminder on their social media pages for those who might have forgotten. However, the only way it can officially air is “pending results of the MLB game.” At this point, fans of the show were done. They had enough of the back and forth.

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“F*** baseball.. that s***’s boring anyway.  Air masked singer tonight instead,” a fan tweeted. Another added: “I am so sick of not being able to watch new #TheMaskedSinger just cuz sports are happening and the channel with multiple side channels can’t coordinate.” it continued with fans over the delay and frankly, over baseball. Then, to add in the fact that the postponed show might be further delayed again was the real kicker.

When It Finally Does Air…

Once baseball is over and The Masked Singer does return, there is a lot of fun in store. It will be the 100th episode and 90s night. Jenny McCarthy is seen dressed as Gwen Stefani from her early No Doubt days. Viewers are truly looking forward to an exciting night filled with great music and a ton of surprises. However, they are just hoping that it actually happens and there are no further delays.

How have you felt about The Masked Singer’s constant delays and cancellations? Are you a hardcore baseball fan so it’s fine with you? Or do you just want to get back to the show? Let us know your thoughts and follow the show’s various social media accounts for up-to-date updates.

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