‘LPBW’ Fans Concerned About Matt Roloff’s Health

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The LPBW Season 24 Premiere aired last night and fans are deeply concerned about whether Matt Roloff is alright. The TLC star barely made an appearance during the premiere and his appearance didn’t sit right with fans. Little People, Big World fans took to Reddit and Facebook to discuss their concerns about Matt Roloff.

LPBW fans wonder if something is wrong with Matt Roloff

On Reddit, one LPBW fan was quick to call attention to the fact that Matt’s eyes were extremely glassy during last night’s episode of the TLC series. In response to the thread, another fan chimed in to add that it felt like Matt was struggling to speak as well. A few fans pondered he might be on new medication because of his health. Other fans, however, feared Matt Roloff may have returned to the bottle. As fans know, he’s had an issue with drinking in the past. One fan jokingly added they couldn’t really blame him for drinking with Caryn as a girlfriend.

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Going in the other direction, fans pointed out that Matt Roloff has been spending a lot more time with his son Jacob. In fact, fans assume Jacob and his wife Isabel now live on the property. These fans point out that Jacob is known for growing a certain herb. Fans jokingly pointed out that if Matt was enjoying some of Jacob’s products he would also have those same glassy eyes and slowed speech. Another fan chimed in that they would applaud Matt if that was really the reason for his concerning issues.

At 61, it is no secret that Matt Roloff has a fair amount of health issues. Likewise, fans also know he has had an issue with drinking in the past. So, it was deeply concerning for fans to see him in this condition while he was enjoying a meal with his girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

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As those who watched the premiere, Matt only made a brief appearance. He enjoyed a meal with Caryn while discussing putting Roloff Farms on the market. During the conversation, Caryn encouraged Matt to apologize to Zach. Matt fought her on it because Zach had stopped talking about it and he didn’t want to poke the bear. Caryn pointed out that just because someone stops talking about something it doesn’t necessarily mean they are no longer bothered by it. So, she encouraged him to swallow his pride and apologize anyway. It was during this brief scene that fans believed Matt wasn’t looking well.

Do you think Matt Roloff looked like he had glassy eyes during the LPBW Season 24 Premiere? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more LPBW news.

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