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‘Little People, Big World’ Season 24 Premiere Recap & Spoilers

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The Season 24 Premiere of Little People, Big World (LPBW) is slated to air tonight only on TLC. Fans of the Roloff family with Discovery+ memberships have the option of watching the premiere early as it already dropped into the streaming library.

Warning: LPBW spoilers ahead 

Little People, Big World Season 23 Premiere: Recap and Spoilers

The Season 24 Premiere of Little People, Big World titled, “Lucky Number Three!” airs tonight only on TLC. The episode synopsis reads:

Matt’s decision to sell the farm continues to cause a rift in the family; Zach and Tori scramble to make it to the hospital when baby number three decides to come early; Tori worries how the kids will react to the new baby.”

The episode kicks off with a scene featuring Tori and Zach (without their children). Tori and Zach head to a workout session with their personal trainer. Tori explains she’s been working out with David throughout her entire pregnancy. The LPBW mother and her personal trainer concocted a plan for Zach. A plan she was keeping under wraps.

Turns out, she wanted Zach to know what it felt like to work out while super pregnant. So, the personal trainer helped her acquire a watermelon and secure the watermelon to Zach. Then, Zach had to work out while wearing his watermelon baby. While Tori admitted she wasn’t sure he fully experienced how hard pregnancy was for her, she enjoyed watching him struggle to reach his feet.

Zach Roloff- Tori Roloff Youtube

Chris and Amy Roloff still going strong

Amy Roloff reveals she’s been married to Chris Marek for about eight months now. They, however, very much feel like an old married couple that has been together for years. The lovebirds enjoyed a ride on his motorcycle before stopping at a picnic table and enjoying a meal together.  Amy Roloff beams with joy and fans adore how happy Chris makes her.

Amy and Chris briefly discuss plans for her to babysit when Tori has the new baby. Chris admits he really doesn’t understand children and he is relieved Amy isn’t waking him up super early to come with him to help with the kids. Chris Marek questioned if Amy felt any pleasure in being the chosen family member to watch Jackson and Lilah while Tori gives birth.

Amy Roloff and Chris Marek, YouTube

Matt and his girlfriend Caryn make a very brief appearance in the episode. They sit down for some coffee and a meal. Caryn encourages Matt to take the time to apologize to Zach that things didn’t work out with Roloff Farms. Matt admits he isn’t too interested in apologizing to Zach. He explained that Zach has stopped talking about it and he doesn’t want to poke the bear. Caryn continues to advise noting that someone not talking about something doesn’t mean they haven’t gotten past it. And, she believed Matt needed to take the time to apologize.

LPBW - Caryn chandler - Matt Roloff Youtube
LPBW – Caryn chandler – Matt Roloff Youtube


Little People, Big World Season 23: Tori gives birth

The episode cuts back to Zach and Tori who are currently racing to the hospital. It still appears to be pitch black outside as the couple reveals her water broke around two in the morning. Zach and Tori admit this is the first time her water really broke. And, realizing how much fluid was involved she felt silly thinking her water had broken with past pregnancies. The two race to the hospital to welcome Josiah into the world and Amy takes care of Jackson and Lilah.

Amy Roloff is happy to spend time with her grandbabies, but she admits she wasn’t sure how she’d survive. Amy explained that Lilah and Jackson really gave her a run for her money and she’s simply too old for little kids. Sadly, Amy also had a hard time with Lilah constantly asking where mommy was.

Little People Big World, Tori Roloff, TLC

Finally, Josiah arrived and Zach Roloff celebrated having another boy. At first, Tori fought for the nickname Jo or JoJo. Zach shut down these ideas as he didn’t like them. Ultimately, they decided on “Si” as his nickname. Tori and Zach Roloff weren’t sure what to expect when they brought Josiah home. Tori recalled Jackson meeting Lilah not going well. She admitted she had high expectations for Jackson meeting his sister and it went poorly.

Fortunately, things went much better with Lilah and Jackson meeting Josiah. Jackson excitedly raced to see his mother while Lilah charged immediately toward the new baby. Later, Amy Roloff became the first grandparent to hold Josiah. Lilah sweetly brought an extra blanket over to Amy to cover Josiah with. The moment melted the hearts of everyone in the room.

Toward the end of the episode, Jackson admitted he was the best at holding Josiah. He told the cameras and his parents that Lilah didn’t do a good job holding Josiah. And, he wasn’t too interested in giving his baby brother up for someone else to hold!

Tori Roloff Instagram, LPBW, Jackson Roloff

Did you watch the new episode of Little People, Big World yet? What did you think of the Season 24 Premiere? Let us know your thoughts on the new season in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for Roloff news.

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