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‘LPBW’: Which Grandparent Held Josiah Roloff First?

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On Season 23 of LPBW, it became apparent that Tori Roloff wanted less of Zach’s family in her life and more of her family. Speaking to the cameras, Tori admits that it feels as though her life, her family, and her entire world have revolved around Zach’s family and the Roloff Farms. She explained it was time for her family to start making choices that didn’t revolve around Zach’s parents. So, they put in an offer on a house and moved to Battleground.

As the distance grew between Zach’s parents and his family, Tori Roloff’s Instagram activity suggests her mother and grandmother have been more involved. Likewise, it appears as if her adorable little family has very little to do with Matt or Roloff Farms.

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With the birth of Josiah Roloff fast approaching during the LPBW Season 24 Premiere, fans can’t help but feel sad. Sad that Josiah won’t get to have the same relationship with his grandfather Matt or Matt’s girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

While there is a bit of a time gap between reality and this new season of the show, the birth of Josiah during the premiere leaves fans with one big question. Which grandparent got to hold him first?

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LPBW: Which grandparent held Josiah first?

During the Season 24 Premiere, Chris Marek asked Amy in a very subtle manner how she felt about being the queen bee of the grandparents. When she didn’t pick up on what he was saying, he proposed the conversation a different way by asking if she was the first choice to watch the kids when Josiah was born. While Amy admitted she had no idea, fans could only assume she ranked higher than Caryn and Matt.

Toward the very end of the episode, Zach and Tori finally leave the hospital. Headed home so Lilah and Jackson can meet their brother for the first time. Jackson was thrilled to learn he had a baby brother to love and enjoy. Lilah intensely watched her new baby brother before racing through the house to fetch blankets and other things he might need.

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Because she was watching Lilah and Jackson, Amy Roloff became the first grandparent to meet Josiah in person. It also became apparent that she was the first grandparent to hold him as well. Gushing to the camera, Amy admits she had a hard time getting over just how cute Josiah was.


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