Braless Farrah Abraham Leaves Little To Imagination

Farrah Abraham in lacy turquoise top.

Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham ditched her bra and pants for a recent Cameo video that was all kinds of sizzling. Filming a birthday tribute for a male fan, the busty blonde let it all hang out in a fiery-red vest and nearly spilled out of the unzipped number. She also recorded a message and added a personal touch with a few details about the recipient. As a crowning moment, she sang happy birthday to the lucky guy and sent him all the best wishes from his friends and family. Scroll to take a peek and read on for some fan reactions!

Farrah Abraham Puts The Girls On Display

Fans are used to seeing Farrah in revealing swimwear on social media but her outfit in the video definitely pushed the envelope. Screaming raciness in itty-bitty undies, the Teen Mom OG alum flaunted her bare bosom. Furthermore, she showed a ripped midsection in a seated pose, all while gesturing intensely as if to draw even more attention to her assets. All cleavage with her abs on show, she flirtatiously played with her curls and fiddled with her hands around the vest.

“I wanted to do a little something spicy for your birthday!” she said to the camera while squeezing her chest with her forearms.

Farrah Abraham takes a selfie video in gold jacket and ribbed top.
Credit: Farrah Abraham/Instagram

Oozing sultriness from every pore, Farrah told the birthday boy: “And you totally deserve it because you are an amazing dog dad!”

The MTV star continued: “I hope you have a very, very special birthday and many more! Wealth, success, health, all the goodness to you and so much love from your family and friends.”

Birthday Present For One Lucky Fan

Farrah’s “spicy” video was commissioned by the fan’s girlfriend, Gina, for his 40th birthday. Farrah shouted out “your queen Gina” right off the bat and mentioned her several times in the clip.

Although we couldn’t find the video on her Cameo page, The Sun reported on some fan reactions in the thread. While some appreciated that “she puts effort into herself and what she’s doing,” others criticized her monologue, saying, “her videos are word salads.”

After a little digging, we eventually found the video on the Teen Mom subreddit where it was shared by the recipient’s friend. The clip sparked mixed reactions among the show’s fans. They either dubbed it unwatchable or “the most likable I’ve seen her.”

Farrah Abraham in braless vest for a Cameo video.
Credit: stanmarsh53/Reddit

Among the things that Redditors found displeasing was Farrah’s look altered by plastic surgeries.

  • “Yikes!!! This gal is aging terribly. She looks 40+ herself. She was cute as a teen. Not especially glamorous, but a good-looking girl. She’s done so much plastic surgery, she barely resembles her younger self.”
  • “She literally destroyed her face. She made herself look 20 years older than she is.”
  • “She talks so weird because of her plastic surgery. Yikes.”

Still, users also showed love to the 31-year-old.

  • “I know I’m the odd woman out here but here lately I kinda am liking Farrah.”
  • “Well, now I want one. Farrah’s are pretty good.”

What do you think about her racy video? Would you buy a Cameo from Farrah? Sound off in the comments below!

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