Farrah Abraham Under Fire For Racist Comment: What Happened?

Farrah Abraham - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Teen Mom fans are fuming about a comment made by Farrah Abraham on Tuesday’s Family Reunion episode. True to fashion, Farrah has been the center of drama since she appeared on the set of Teen Mom Family Reunion. The rest of the cast has had no problem airing out all the issues they have with Farrah either.

‘Teen Mom’ Tensions Have Been Rising For Years

Farrah has been the person Teen Mom viewers love to hate for a while now. She is always at the center of the drama, even when she isn’t actively on the show. While she made rounds, chatting with other cast members and meeting people, much of the cast aired out the problems they’ve had with Farrah.

Farrah Abraham - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Credit: YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

Cory Wharton and Farrah never appeared on Teen Mom at the same time. However, that hasn’t stopped Farrah from making comments about Cory and his ex, Cheyenne Floyd. In the past, Farrah said that Cory and his ex “had a baby to get on TV.” Cheyenne talked about the situation in a confessional.

“I’ve never actually met Farrah but she’s just had a lot to say about me and my family online. Seeing her in person, she kind of has this evil vibe,” she said. Seeing her in person also inspired Cory to finally confront the Teen Mom star about things she’s said in the past. That’s where things went terribly wrong.

Why Is Everyone Mad At Farrah Abraham Now?

He asked Farrah, “So we had a baby to get on this show? That’s how you feel?” Her response is what has sent fans (and Cheyenne) reeling. “I guess I do. I guess I feel really ghetto too like that,” she replied to Cory.

Cheyenne immediately stepped into the conversation, focusing on Farrah’s use of the word “ghetto” when referring to her family. She accused Farrah of being racist. Ashley Jones, who has made it no secret she isn’t a fan of Farrah, jumped in too. The altercation was diffused by costars and security who placed themselves between the two. That didn’t keep Cheyenne from continuing to yell and eventually flipping a table.

Farrah Abraham - YouTube/MTV's Teen Mom

Credit: YouTube/MTV’s Teen Mom

Viewers started to pipe up about the situation almost immediately. It seems like people are tired of the way Farrah acts. Tweets following Tuesday’s episode called her fake, ignorant, and racist, among other things.

Teen Mom Family Reunion is a show focused on helping some of the previous stars of the show through therapy. Dr. Bryant met with each of the women after the altercation. Cheyenne said that, while she did act poorly, it “felt so good to throw that table.” Farrah, on the other hand, broke down crying and said that she hates her life.

People watching rolled their eyes at this. Most people think Farrah Abraham was faking her emotions and called for MTV to remove her. Cheyenne doesn’t share the sentiment though. She believes Farrah may be able to benefit from the therapy being on the program will provide her. There’s no doubt that there will be plenty of drama to follow.

You can catch Teen Mom Family Reunion on MTV at 8 p.m. EST on Tuesdays.

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