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Apple TV+ Gets New Trailer For Sci-Fi Anthology ‘Circuit Breakers’

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Apple TV+’s latest sci-fi anthology series Circuit Breakers recently released a new trailer that explores concepts similar to The Twilight Zone, Black Mirror, and Amazing Stories. Although this series will explore the very same genre, it will do so in a slightly different way. Circuit Breakers focuses on younger characters and situations that they would most likely encounter. This makes the series ideal for a family-friendly experience that offers compelling adventures. So, when does the series Circuit Breakers premiere on Apple TV+? Keep reading to find out the details!

When Does Circuit Breakers Premiere On Apple TV+?

Created by Melody Fox, the series is slated to premiere on November 11, 2022, on Apple TV+. As per the official press release, “Circuit Breakers is a half-hour anthology series about middle-schoolers in the near future that uses science fiction as a backdrop to tell universal stories about growing up.”

Circuit Breakers YouTube Apple TV+

[Source: YouTube]

With Matt Hastings as the executive producer of the series for the first three episodes, Circuit Breakers promises to bring a whole new adventure for fans chasing interesting sci-fi stories. Apart from Hastings, other execs taking charge of the series production include:

  • Andrew Orenstein
  • Sarah Haasz (Cottonwood Media)
  • Cecile Lauritano
  • David Michel
  • Andrew Rosen
  • Anthony Leo (Aircraft Pictures)
  • Todd Berger

Apple TV+’s Circuit Breakers Features Seven Gripping Tales

Each Circuit Breakers installment features kid-relatable stories with a sci-fi twist that questions how the kids and their families would act in this given situation.

Circuit Breakers YouTube Apple TV+

[Source: YouTube]

As per ComicBook, the new gripping trailer showcases seven different stories with a talented cast that includes:

  • Nathaniel Buescher (APB)
  • Cole Keriazakos (Southside)
  • Callan Farris (Grimcutty)
  • Veda Cienfuegos (Undone)
  • Quincy Kirkwood (Y: The Last Man)
  • Cale Ferrin (Endlings)
  • Maz Jobrani (Immigrant)
  • Gavin Maclver-Wright (Old Squad: Mobile Unit)
  • Maya McNair (Clarice)
  • Khiyla Aynne (13: The Musical)

Each of the seven episodes in the anthology series is of 30 minutes. As seen in the trailer, one chapter talks about a child who signs himself up for an experimental treatment that would provide him the much-needed growth spurt for the gym class.

Circuit Breakers YouTube Apple TV+

[Source: YouTube]

However, this experiment comes with a sinister side-effect. On the other hand, athletic prowess isn’t a big problem for another who is a gifted dancer. He makes a copy of himself to tackle the daily chores that would allow him to spend more time working on his passion.

Apple TV+ Is Focusing More On Sci-Fi Content Catalog

The trailer also highlighted another story of a brother-sister duo that manipulates their parents into letting them have extra ice cream and pizza. However, what comes next is darker than they could have ever imagined.

Given that the premise of each of these stories is so unique and twisted, it would sure be a treat for both kids and adults. Lately, Apple TV+ has been a great destination for sci-fi titles such as Swan Song, Foundation, and Severance.

Circuit Breakers YouTube Apple TV+

[Source: YouTube]

Are you excited about the premiere of Circuit Breakers on Apple TV+? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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