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Netflix Announces New Sci-Fi Anime ‘Moonrise’ In TUDUM 2022

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In a bid to bring more anime viewers to its platform, Netflix has been aggressively expanding its content pool. In the Global Netflix TUDUM Event 2022, the streaming platform announced a series of new titles that will soon air on Netflix. Among these titles was a brand new sci-fi anime, Moonrise. Netflix even released a teaser for the upcoming anime series that features protagonist Jack.

When Will Netflix’s Moonrise Anime Premiere?

The series entails Jack and his endeavors against the creatures that threaten the world in the ongoing Moon vs Earth conflict. As of now, no official release date for the series has been announced by the streaming platform.

Moonrise Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

However, Moonrise won’t be available anytime before 2024 for viewers. Although it is a long time to wait for an anime, a good storyline and animation take time and it is totally worth the wait.

WIT Studio Is In Charge Of The Series’ Production

The novel is written by Tou Ubukata, who is best known for Psycho-Pass 2, Ghost In The Shell, & Psycho-Pass 3. Another renowned name that is a part of this project is the artist Hiromu Akawara. He is popular for his work in the hit manga series Fullmetal Alchemist. He is joining the team as a character designer. As per Dual Shockers, this announcement was made via Netflix’s official Twitter account.

Moonrise Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

The tweet read, “Writer Tou Ubukata and character designer Hiromu Arakawa team up to create a novel science fiction story. The Netflix Series ‘Moonrise’ tells a story written by novelist and screenwriter Tou Ubukata, who has handled series composition and screenplays for popular anime series such as ‘Fafner in the Azure’ and ‘Psycho-Pass’.”

These aren’t the only two talented individuals that will be a part of team Moonrise. Other members of the team include:

  • Masashi Koizuka as Director (popular for Attack On Titan & Durarara)
  • WIT Studio as Production/Animation House (popular for Vinland Saga & Spy x Family)
  • Ryou Kawasaki as Music Composer

What Is Moonrise’s Story About?

In the words of George Wada, president of WIT Studio, “Moonrise will portray the lives of two men, Hack and Al, as they confront various hardships in the vast world of outer space. All action and scenery in the unexplored parts of the Moon are illustrated using an innovative type of animation unlike any seen before. My sincere wish is that this project inspires contemporary lives everywhere.”

Moonrise Netflix YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Moonrise trails the life of Jack who wishes to avenge his family’s death caused by ‘The Moon Rebels’. He will travel to the moon in charge as an army investigator to bring peace & order to both Earth and the Moon. So, what happens later in the story? Will Jack work towards establishing peace or seek to fulfill his vengeance?

This is something fans have to wait till 2024 to watch how the story unfolds on Netflix. Are you excited about the new titles announced at the Netflix Tudum event? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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