The Disturbing Reason Amy King Was Never Josh Duggar’s Victim

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Amy King considers herself to be eternally grateful that she was never a victim of her cousin Josh Duggar. That, however, doesn’t stop Amy (as well as people who follow the family) from wondering what Josh’s train of thought was when he picked his victims. To be more specific, there had always been something in the back of Amy King’s mind wondering why she was not one of Josh’s victims.

According to The Sun, Amy King once had the opportunity to sit down with her cousin. So, she boldly asked Josh why she never ended up being one of his victims. His response — his reasoning — shook Amy King to her core. And, the more she thinks about the chilling response he gave to her, the more disturbing the reasoning becomes.

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The disturbing reasoning Amy King was never one of Josh’s victims

Turns out, Josh Duggar had a pretty cut-and-dry reason for why Amy King was never one of his victims. He very bluntly told his cousin that he knew she would “kick his a**” if he ever tried to do anything with her. At the time, Amy recalled agreeing with her cousin that he had the right idea and she definitely would have “kicked his a**” if he had ever tried to make her one of his victims.

Speaking to The Sun, Amy King admits that the more she thinks about it, the more she realizes how disgusting and disturbing his answer really was. She explained that his reasoning means he put a lot of thought into choosing victims he thought he could get away with abusing. Victims he believed would be easier to keep a secret about.

I was shocked first of all that he cussed. [But] it shows he knew who to target, people who were weaker and who were going to be too scared to say anything. And it’s so messed up, so screwed up – but he knew that.”

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Amy added that his cousin was right in his train of thought. She believes she would have absolutely fought back had he tried to make her a victim. And, the situation wouldn’t have been so easy for him to continue to hide it.

After speaking with Amy King, The Sun did reach out to representatives of Josh Duggar for a comment on the interview. They have yet to respond.

What do you think of this shocking piece of information from Amy King about Josh Duggar? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Duggar news.

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