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Former Duggar Bodyguard Planning To Spill Dark Family Secrets?

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The Duggar family’s alleged former bodyguard might have more dark details to share with fans. This isn’t the first time that he has spoken out about the famous TLC family. So, what has been said in the past, and what is he talking about now? Keep reading for all of the details.

On Reddit, the former alleged bodyguard previously hosted an AMA (ask me anything) session and revealed a few things about the family. He shared about Anna Duggar’s true personality, as well as some of the creepiest moments he witnessed with Josh. This was nearly a year ago.

YouTube, Duggar family

Josh is currently serving a 12-year sentence on child pornography charges. Now, the alleged bodyguard is speaking out once again. Does he have more to spill about the former TLC family?

Duggar family’s former bodyguard planning to spill more?

The alleged bodyguard has a Twitter profile where he has posted in the past, but it is currently locked down. So, he has to accept followers and only his followers can see his tweets. Fortunately, some of his tweets have been shared publicly, revealing what’s going on.

On Reddit, a Duggar snarker shared a screenshot from the alleged bodyguard’s private Twitter profile. In the tweet, which he fired off this week, the alleged bodyguard claimed that he would be writing about “Federal Inmate 42501-509.” The inmate is Josh.

SVArtemis1 Twitter (Duggar alleged bodyguard)

In a reply, the source stated that he was writing about Josh. But he added that he could send it to Josh too.

He later posted to Twitter again and revealed that he had been productive with his writing. Specifically, he mentioned a story he has “never shared in full” that was his “most shocking experience on that gig.” During this incident, Josh was trying to hide a passenger.

As for revealing more of the Duggar family’s secrets, it’s unknown what he plans to do at this time. He’s considering a podcast though.

SVArtemis1 Twitter (Duggar alleged bodyguard)

For now, fans will have to wait and see what kind of information surfaces. It sounds like the alleged bodyguard has a lot of fascinating details that have not been shared in the past. So, fans would be interested in learning more about what went on behind closed doors at the Duggar family’s home.

So, are you interested in hearing what this source close to the Duggar family has to say? Do you think he will eventually share everything publicly? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more news about the former TLC stars.

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