Did Kody & Robyn Brown Attend Logan & Michelle’s Wedding?

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Sister Wives fans know Logan and Michelle’s wedding happened this weekend and one big question on everyone’s mind is simple: Did Kody and Robyn attend the wedding? A quick search of whether Kody and Robyn Brown attended Logan and Michelle’s wedding yields pretty confusing results. Some outlets are reporting Kody and Robyn did not attend the wedding. Some are reporting they did attend the wedding. And, there are even some claiming Robyn wasn’t invited to the wedding.

Photos shared by Janelle and Christine Brown confirm they were both in attendance. Likewise, as TvShowsAce reported, Sister Wives fans are relatively sure Meri Brown didn’t attend the wedding because she’s currently boasting about a trip she’s on via Instagram. But, where does that leave Kody and Robyn? Fans know Robyn hasn’t been active on social media in a long time. And, it is pretty rare for Kody to post much of anything.

Fortunately, some Sister Wives photos leaked on Reddit confirm the truth.

Did Kody and Robyn Brown attend Logan and Michelle’s wedding?

Logan Brown’s wife Michelle has a private Instagram profile. That, however, didn’t stop someone from resharing everything she has posted on her Instagram Stories about her wedding. In one photo, eagle-eyed Sister Wives fans noticed none other than Kody Brown and his favorite wife Robyn sitting toward the back of the audience attending the wedding. Upon closer inspection, fans were relatively sure Mitch, Aspyn, and Paedon were also sitting in the same row.

At the very least, Paedon was extremely visible and easy to make out at the end of the row. There was also some speculation that Aurora and Breanna may have been sitting between Robyn and Aspyn, Mitch, and Paedon.

Head over to Reddit and check out this thread where a few different versions of the photo confirming both Kody and Robyn were at the wedding have been posted. While the initial photo at the top of the thread isn’t very clear, a few fans of Sister Wives have shared other clearer versions of the photos in the thread.

Instagram - Logan Michelle Brown

His seating placement confuses fans

Sister Wives fans were a bit baffled as to why Kody Brown was sitting in the back. Many fans believed he should have been sitting with Logan’s mother, Janelle. Many fans speculated not sitting with Janelle was just proof he was no longer with her. Others speculated Kody may have had the option of sitting with Janelle but opted to sit with Robyn instead.

What do you think about where Kody Brown was sitting in these photos? Let us know in the comments down below. And, keep coming back for more Sister Wives news.

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