‘Sister Wives’ Logan Brown’s Fiancee Helping To Expose LuLaRoe?

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The Sister Wives women have done quite well for themselves via MLMs. LuLaRoe allowed Meri Brown the ability to pay for her down payment on her bed and breakfast. At the same time, LLR and Plexus gave Christine the freedom to leave Kody confidently and move to Utah. Finally, Janelle works alongside her daughter Maddie and Christine promoting Plexus.

It just gave them the opportunity to spend family time in Hawaii which they thoroughly enjoyed. Yet, with all of the fun, there has been a lot of criticism. Both MLMs have been frowned upon yet the ladies keep pushing forward. Now, Janelle’s eldest son, Logan may be involved in the opposite end of promoting these businesses. What does that mean? Read on for more details.

A Sister Wives MLM Scandal & A Fiancee

Despite the documentary made about the downside of LuLaRoe, Meri Brown has seemed extremely faithful to the company. Recently, she won two awards for her hard work. Plus, she travels frequently with the friends she has made through the brand. There was also a time when Christine had to hire a virtual employee to help her with all of her business. She even had a room dedicated to her inventory. However, it was just discovered that someone close to the family may be on the other side of the company.

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Apparently, Without A Crystal Ball shared some interesting details on her Facebook page. It appears that Logan Brown’s fiancee, Michelle Petty is following Roberta Blevins on TikTok. For those unfamiliar, Roberta was the “whistleblower” who literally blew the roof off of everything that LLR was doing wrong. That led to the jaw-dropping documentary and so much more negative exposure for the company. This would not be a big deal if a handful of Logan’s immediate family was not making their living off of LLR.

Does This Change Anything?

The Sister Wives crew really likes Michelle a lot and has always adored Logan. From a super early age, he was extremely responsible and cared for his five younger siblings. Luckily, his mother, Janelle is solely involved in Plexus so it does not impact her. However, two of his “mothers” do survive off of it. Plus, his sister, Mykelti was heavily involved with it until she joined her mother, Janelle, and Maddie on their health journey.

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Mykelti, Michelle, Aspyn

It could be out of sheer curiosity that she follows Roberta. Michelle may like her content and the way she speaks. Or she has some sort of personal investment in continuing to blow the top off of what Blevins started. Hopefully, it is not the latter and this does not impact Logan’s relationships with his family as they have a wedding coming up. There’s already enough to worry about with Christine no longer being a wife. However, it would be great if everyone could come together in a peaceful manner for the sake of Logan and Michelle.

Are you surprised that Michelle follows the LLR whistleblower? Furthermore, what do you think her investment in it is, if any? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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