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Christine Brown Shares Secret To What Gets Her Going

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Sister Wives star Christine Brown is extremely transparent about her happiness. She travels with her former sister wife Janelle and both of their children. Furthermore, she has admitted that she is dating again, which is extremely exciting for all of her fans. They have wished her nothing but the best since she revealed she was leaving Kody back in November 2021. Now, the mother of six is opening up about what gets her going. Read on for more details.

What Is The Secret To Getting Christine Brown Going?

She travels, she hikes, she explores, there is not much that Christine doesn’t do. Since leaving the plural family, it appears that she is a whole new woman. Now, in an Instagram post, the MLM maven is sharing her secret to get her going when she has a rough night. She admitted that she had not slept well the night prior. Therefore, she had a cup of London Fog and that is the secret to getting her going. Her mug even had a motivational message. “TODAY’S GOAL: keep the tiny humans alive.”


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Though she did not give a reason as to why she could not sleep, it is no secret Season 17 of Sister Wives has been tough to relive. Despite the fact that she announced her split from Kody last year, this season takes fans back to how it played out. She actually made the decision in early 2021. Christine then told Kody it was time for her to leave and move back to Utah, as well.

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He tried desperately to get her to stay though she could not understand why. Then there was breaking the news to their youngest daughter, Truely. She wanted them to tell her together but sadly, the tween overheard Christine talking about the move on the phone. That was when Christine had to share that they were not only moving but that she and Kody were divorced.

What’s Next

Christine Brown will begin the moving process soon on the show but in real time, she is preparing for Halloween. Along with that, she and her family are preparing for the birth of her daughter, Mykelti Padron’s twin boys. They are expected to arrive in December but could come as soon as next month. The boys will join big sister Avalon who turned one in April. Furthermore, Christine has been thriving in Utah as has Truely. She already received an award in middle school which Christine showed off on social media. As for where Kody currently stands with their youngest, that is still up in the air.

Do you think Christine Brown is way better off away from Kody? Let us know your thoughts and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.


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