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How Does The ‘Bringing Up Bates’ Family Feel About Halloween?

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With Halloween right around the corner, you might be wondering if you will be seeing the Bringing Up Bates family in costumes or going trick or treating. Some conservative Christians choose not to participate in Halloween, but how does the Bates family feel? Keep reading for all of the details. 

If you’re a longtime Bates fan, you may remember seeing them dress up for I Love You Day, which is a holiday they made up, which features a themed party they put on February 13 each year. It’s how they choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day. The event was previously shown on Bringing Up Bates and the family has also posted about it on Instagram and YouTube.

How Does The Bringing Up Bates Family Feel About Halloween?

Since the Bates dress up in February, do they also put on costumes on October 31 each year?

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In an old comment on a blog post, Kelly Jo Bates shared that her family doesn’t participate in Halloween due to its history. They do enjoy fall festivals and other similar events, but it sounds like they don’t love everything about Halloween. This is similar to what their friends, the Duggars, have said. 

This blog comment is from 2011 so Kelly Jo and Gil could feel differently these days. 

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So far, several Bringing Up Bates grown kids have taken part in fall activities. Whitney and Zach Bates took their four young kiddos to a pumpkin patch. Josie and Kelton Balka also went to pick pumpkins with their two daughters. This doesn’t mean that they will celebrate Halloween though. 

One Family Openly Celebrates Halloween.

One former Bringing Up Bates star did reveal that she celebrates Halloween and spilled why. In a YouTube video, Alyssa Bates Webster explained that trick or treating is just a fun activity for her kids, while her husband, John, pointed out that it’s a good way to connect with their neighbors. He said that they can “be a light” to their neighbors.

They choose family-oriented costume themes. One year, Alyssa’s family dressed up as different characters from Frozen. 

Alyssa Bates Instagram

It’s likely that Alyssa’s family will go trick-or-treating again this year. Fans will have to wait and see whether the other family members join in. Some of the Bates grandkids are just now getting old enough to enjoy Halloween. So, this year, some of Alyssa’s siblings might follow suit, even if they haven’t in the past. 

Be on the lookout for Halloween posts from the Bates family to see what they’re doing this year. 

So, did you know how the Bringing Up Bates family addressed Halloween? Do you think some of Gil and Kelly Jo Bates’ grown kids will celebrate Halloween with their own children? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for more updates on the former UPtv stars. Below, you can watch a video of Alyssa explaining her family’s decision to participate in Halloween. 

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