See All Of The Bates Family’s ‘I Love You Day’ Costumes

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Instead of celebrating Valentine’s Day, the Bates family celebrates “I Love You Day” on February 13. To celebrate, the family hosts a gathering, and everyone dresses up in costumes. See how they celebrated the holiday this year.

What is ‘I Love You Day?’

“I Love You Day” falls on February 13. This is the Bates family’s alternative to Valentine’s Day. They celebrate with a fun costume party. They enjoy each other’s company and spend quality time together. Each year, the party has a different theme. In 2021, the family hasn’t revealed what exactly their theme is. Based on the photos, it looks like it may be animal-themed.

In addition to having a costume party, the family has a couples dinner. So far, they haven’t shared photos from the dinner.

Bates family shares photos of their costumes

Though the family’s party happened over a week ago, they are just now starting to share photos of the party. Not everyone has posted pictures of their costumes so far, but some of them have.

First up is Josie Bates and Kelton Balka. The couple chose to dress their little family up as kangaroos. Both Josie and their one-year-old daughter Willow have joeys in their fake pouches.

Next, Esther Keyes and Nathan Bates dressed up as a bee and a beekeeper. Esther refers to her boyfriend a “keeper.”

Esther Keyes Instagram
Esther Keyes Instagram

Finally, Carlin Bates and Evan Stewart went with a Lion King theme. They went all out and even wore face paint. Their one-year-old daughter Layla and their new puppy Izzy Rue were a part of it too.

Carlin Bates Instagram

So far, none of the other family members have shared what their costumes were, but they may share them soon. Regardless, it’s possible that the party will be featured in the new season of Bringing Up Bates. 

What did the Bates family wear for ‘I Love You Day’ 2020?

On social media on the holiday in 2020, the family also shared photos of their costumes. In 2020, the theme was “The Roaring ’20s.” You can see their 2020 costumes here.

Fans are always interested to see what the family comes up with each year. They love the tradition and send lots of love to the family when they show off their costumes.

So, what do you think of the family’s costumes this year? Which one’s your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.

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