UPtv’s ‘Love In Wolf Creek’ stars Nola Martin, Tim Rozon


UPtv is premiering a new movie that has a lot of suspense and even a bit of mystery. This movie is called Love In Wolf Creek.

UPtv’s Love In Wolf Creek stars Nola Martin (Good Wife’s Guide To Murder, Country Roads Christmas), Tim Rozon (Merry Swissmas, Wynonna Earp), Nicolas Grimes (Reacher, What We Do In The Shadows), Paris Jefferson (Fit For A Prince, Dreadnought: Invasion Six), Madeline Leon (Christmas In Washington, After Her Smile), Mary Long (A Christmas Dance Reunion, Good Witch), Bobby Daniels (Feeling Butterflies, Lemonade Stand Romance), Karen Gave (American Gods, A Gingerbread Christmas), Josette Jorge (A Tiny Home Christmas, Locke & Key), Ava Cheung (Reindeer Games Homecoming, Reacher), Oshini Wanigasekera (The Handmaid’s Tale, Good Sam), and Scott MacKenzie (Rod The Stormtrooper, Social Distancing Beer Pong World Championship).

Neale Kimmel (Christmas In The Wilds, Christmas In The Rockies) wrote the script, with Marco Deufemia (A Very Country Christmas: Homecoming, Country Roads Christmas) directing.


What Is Love In Wolf Creek About?

According to the UPtv synopsis, Sam (Martin) owns a wildlife refuge center. Her mission in life is to rescue animals who are in need. She has even managed to save the first pack of wolves that have returned to Wolf Creek, after years of absence.

However, she now risks losing it all. She desperately needs funding to keep this meaningful center open. Therefore, Sam’s sister Sunny (Leon) uses the power of social media to showcase all that the center does.

Subsequently, a big city donor notices the posts and is interested in the center. Will they make enough to save the center? That donor wants to check out the facilities.

Unfortunately, just hours before the donor is scheduled to arrive, Sam learns that a lone white wolf is hurt. Worst of all, there is a poacher that wants to take the beautiful creature down.

Sam, along with Austin (Rozon), who is new to town, goes into the wilderness to try to rescue this wolf. This is a dangerous mission. Most of all, can they do it all in time to meet the donor and keep the doors open?

When Can You Watch Love In Wolf Creek?

The premiere of Love In Wolf Creek is on Sunday, October 16, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv. An encore showing airs on Sunday, October 30, at 3 p.m., Eastern.

Don’t Miss The Love In Wolf Creek Sequel

This holiday season, UPtv will also premiere Christmas At Wolf Creek. This is the next movie that features Sam and Austin. In this movie, they need to find a runaway reindeer. Moreover, they also need to save their relationship, which has been on the rocks for a while.

The premiere of Christmas At Wolf Creek is on Sunday, December 25, at 7 p.m., Eastern, on UPtv. Will you be tuning in? Sound off in the comments!


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