UPtv’s ‘A Very Country Christmas Homecoming’: Third Movie In Series

UPtv A Very Country Christmas Homecoming, photo used with permission from Uptv

UPtv’s A Very Country Christmas Homecoming is the third movie in this beloved series. Starring Bea Santos (Murdoch Mysteries), Greyston Holt (Cross Country Christmas), and Deana Carter (A Very Country Wedding).

What happens when Zane and Jeannette return from their honeymoon and celebrate their first Christmas together?

What is A Very Country Christmas Homecoming About?

According to the UPtv preview, Zane (Holt) and Jeannette (Santos) return from their magical honeymoon. It is Christmas time, and they want their first family Christmas to be special. Most of all, they want to spend it together.

Zane has purposely cleared his busy Christmas touring schedule in order to spend time with his new family.  They want this to be the perfect Christmas for Quinn (Raven Stewart). But, something unexpected happens.

Jeannette’s former father-in-law arrives unannounced. This does mess up their plans, but Quinn’s excitement over meeting he grandpa softens Jeanette’s frustration. This is Christmas, and that means it is time for family.

Zane is busy recording a new artist, Cake (Charlotte Hegele, When Calls The Heart). That presents a few struggles, but that is not about to spoil Christmas!

Meanwhile, Jeanette is busy trying to figure out what to get her new husband. He is a man who has everything. What can she possibly get him?

Expect some music, love and a whole lotta Christmas.

A Very Country Christmas Homecoming premieres on Sunday, November 1 at 7 p.m. Eastern, on UPtv. Check listings for times.

What Are The Other Movies In A Very Country Series?

There are now three movies in this series. The first movie is A Very Country Christmas. This UPtv movie which premiered in 2017, tells the story of when Jeanette Williams meets country superstar Zane Gunther. It is based on the Harlequin romance, His Country Cinderella, by Karen Rose Smith.

She is too busy as a single mom to know who he is. Jeanette is working two jobs and trying to get her interior design degree online.   He is too burnt out as a country music sensation. Zane has returned to his home to find refuge. Instead, he finds love.

The second movie is A Very Country Wedding. This came out in 2019. Zane and Jeanette’s wedding is interrupted. They are separated, and this may be the end for the unlikely couple.

Zane’s fans want him with someone more famous, and Jeanette needs to face her past. Can they find a way to get back together?

UPtv is airing both movies during the Christmas holiday season.

Bea Santos Shares What Scared Her Most About Playing Jeanette

Speaking to The Harlton Empire, Be a Santos  shared her greatest fear in playing Jeanette. That is horses. She found riding to be her particular challenge. “But I remember in the latest movie I had to act like I knew what I was doing around a horse, and I definitely do not. It was scary at first but I’m hoping I pulled it off.”

A Very Country Christmas Homecoming premieres on Sunday, November 1 at 7 p.m. Eastern, on UPtv.


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