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‘Love During Lockup’ New Inmate Robbed Own Grandma At Gunpoint

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Love During Lockup premieres next Friday. Though previews have been shown, not much is known about the cast. That is all about to change. Software engineer Mark is just trying to find love but has had little to no success. That is until he is matched with an inmate, Sincer-a. However, her past is a little bit sketchy and involves her grandma, a gun, a robbery, and a shoot-up. Read on for more details on this match made not really in heaven.

Love During Lockup Introduces Mark & Sincer-a

Last season did not see much success in the love department. Indie and Harry made it over to Love After Lockup. Unfortunately, he was cheating on her with someone else. She could sense it but she had a psychic poorly guiding her and a hardcore allegiance to Harry. After all, she moved her daughter and her life to another state to be with him. Now, there is a new season and possibly better connections. According to Starcasm, Mark started to look for love via a prison pen page on Facebook.

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He seemingly has a penchant for crazier girls and that is where is able to find them. Admittedly, he dates a lot of inmates, much like Tai last season (she’s back again). The one he will be seen with this season is named Sincer-a Nerton, 23. She is in jail for over ten years but why is she there? Apparently, a home that she robbed was her grandma’s but it does not stop there.

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In 2018, when she was just a teenager, Sincer-a and her boyfriend robbed her grandmother’s home. They had a bunch of guns and they shot up the ceiling. The duo then proceeded to handcuff grandma to her girlfriend while they robbed the home. They were both high on meth and Sincer-a agreed to turn evidence on her boyfriend. Her boyfriend got almost 14 years because he was not as cooperative.

What Is She Looking For In A Partner?

Apparently, the Love During Lockup inmate is open to both men and women. She claims she prefers JPay over writing letters. This is a way for inmates to receive phone calls. Furthermore, she adds that she is looking for monetary assistance as she has no family to help her. Additionally, she makes it quite well-known that she is a country girl at heart. Now, only time will tell if she is the right girl for Mark and if he can offer her what she is looking for. Plus, he may find her past a little sketchy.

Do you think they have a chance? Let us know your thoughts and watch the season premiere of Love During Lockup Friday on WeTV.


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