‘Love During Lockup’: The Truth About Harry REVEALED

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Love During Lockup just premiered last night and it already has an extremely colorful cast of inmates. There is already Haley who has spent over 10K trying to get Dalton out of prison. Now, Indie is ready to risk everything to move and be with her inmate lover, Harry. She refers to him as her “spiritual husband” but they have never met. Indie only knows what he has told her. Luckily, she has a family watching out for her and there is a lot more than she realizes.

Love During Lockup Gone Wrong?

In the Love After Lockup spinoff, six couples are showing what it is truly like to date an inmate. Not just the release and trying to make it work but the big build-up. The learning about one another and deciding if there is any compatibility. For Indie and Harry, the past eight months have been life-changing. Indie is at the point where she wants to pack up her life and move to be close to her prison lover.

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Her family does not take kindly to this as she also has a daughter she would be bringing with her. Is she even thinking about her and the consequences? This is why Indie’s mother, a bounty hunter, is so awesome. She decides she will not just sit back and let her daughter move across the country for some man. Therefore, she and another gent decide to take matters into their own hands and look up Harry. What they find is his criminal background, according to the full preview. It appears Harry may have kidnapped a man. Starcasm has the full report on him and what his crimes are.

Who Is The Real Harry?

Indie is convinced this is the man of her dreams, worth giving up everything for. Does she know the extent of his crimes? According to Starcasm, Harry did kidnap someone in 2017. Additionally, he was convicted of aggravated robbery along with the kidnapping. This landed him four years behind bars. Apparently, when the incident occurred, Harry was with some friends. They went up to a man and held him at gunpoint. The only redeeming thing in this situation was Harry was not the one holding the gun during the incident.

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He, along with the other men, proceeded to rob the man then they forced him to give his pin number so one could withdraw money from his debit card. After that robbery, they decided they wanted to rob a friend of the victims as well. Luckily, one of Harry’s friends had to stop and relieve himself so the victim ran but was caught by the men and was beaten. A witness with a gun came. He had a license to carry and Harry, along with his friends, ran like thieves in the night. The cops caught them but it was not their first go-round.

Love During Lokcup Credit: YouTube

It turns out the gun that had been used on the victim was stolen the night prior. The man they stole it from had also been beaten but Harry was not present during this occurrence. Only time will tell if these gruesome and horrid details will make Indie think twice about who she is in love with. Do you think she will change her mind or is she too far gone? Let us know in the comments and watch Love During Lockup every Friday on WEtv.

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