‘Love During Lockup’ Sets Official Premiere Date, Releases Trailer

Love During Lockup Credit: WEtv

Love During Lockup is getting closer by the minute. Now, the Love After Lockup’s second spinoff has finally released its official release date. Additionally, it has released the long-awaited trailer to introduce the new cast. Max has already made waves with his backstory but what can viewers expect from the rest of the cast? If it is anything like the other Love and Life, it is bound to be a wild ride.

Love During Lockup– How Is It Different?

Unlike the others in the franchise, viewers will get to see couples in the courting phase. On Love After Lockup, the relationship has already been established, lies have already been told. Fans hear the story but never actually see what precipitated it. Now, that is about to change. This show makes so much sense since people get extremely invested in the couples on Love and Life After.

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Brittany and Marcellino have been followed since the beginning and fans still have a vested interest in their daily happenings. On Instagram, Brittany has almost 200K followers. Yet, all that was shown was the duo talking about falling in love and seeing them try to make it work. Now, fans will see new “Brittanys” behind bars and get to see the complete evolution. Some of these couples might end up on Love After Lockup before heading to Life After Lockup.

Max has already been introduced as someone looking for love on prison websites. He has met someone though his backstory is a little hard to believe. Apparently, he holds a master’s degree yet works as a model/escort. It is uncertain if his love knows all of this and if he is just using this platform for personal gain. Who else is joining him and when does it premiere? Find out now.

What To Expect And When Will It Premiere?

One woman has never seen Harry in person but he is her spiritual husband. Another lady is having a dirty talk moment with her man when the phone disconnects. This means he is has gone on lockdown. One female admits she has not been intimate with a real man in seven years. Is she another Anissa? They are talking about their futures together and what it will be like upon release.

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A flash shows one woman shopping for a wedding dress yet an inmate tells his lady his release is not looking so good. There are all these plans they make and viewers get to see the struggle on both the inside and the outside. Is it worth all the pain and tears just to get to the happy ending? Will they all experience a happy ending?

Find out when Love During Lockup premieres Friday, January 7th only on WEtv.


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