‘Love During Lockup’ SPOILER: Is Dalton A Free Man?

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Last night, the Love After Lockup spinoff Love During Lockup premiered. In this new series, viewers get an inside look at the inmate courting process. Before, it was all about seeing how the relationships worked after someone got released. Could they stay out of trouble? Was the love genuine or was it all about the benjamins? Now, Love During is taking fans to the beginning of a prison romance. One of the couples being introduced is Haley and Dalton. He is no saint but that does not bother Haley. She will spare no expense to free her Prince Charming. Yet, did it pay off in the end?

Love During Lockup Drama With Dalton

Starcasm broke down Dalton and Haley’s relationship, including his past and why he is behind bars. According to Dalton, he grew up very well-off and did not need to get into a life of crime. Much like what Britney saw when she first went to pick up Ray’s family on the season of Love After Lockup. She expected him to live in this awful neighborhood and a beat-up house. What she got was the complete opposite. The same seems to ring true for Dalton. He also boasts that he left school in eighth grade and pursued a GED. This would make him extremely smart but everyone has expectations they cannot live up to.

Love During Lokcup Credit: YouTube

So, why prison? He is currently serving eight years for felony burglary of a building and felony evading arrest. At just twenty-five, he has been in trouble since he was a teenager. It spans from drugs to firearms and everything in between. Haley has been a constant source of financial support for him as she was in an accident and accrued a large sum of money. She has had no qualms about investing in him thus their future together. Has it paid off and was Dalton ultimately released?

Did Haley Free Dalton?

Dalton’s sentence began in September 2020, according to Starcasm. He is not scheduled to be released until the end of 2027. However, Haley has already spent $12,500 in an attempt to get him released ASAP. In January 2021, his parole was denied. He had a slew of reasons for why it was denied and it does not bode well for future release. This will all play out on the show. There is a chance another parole hearing may be seen but it appears Haley is going to be leaning heavily on Dalton’s mother for support.

Love During Lockup Credit: YouTube

This is a lot harder than she seemingly expected. Luckily, he has another hearing coming up this month so she may have a better outcome. Either way, it will be interesting to see their relationship unfold and understand why she is so passionate about Dalton.

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