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‘7 Little Johnstons’ Family Shares Exciting News

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The TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons family has an exciting announcement to share with fans! They seem pretty happy about it and want to spread the joy. So, what’s going on with the Johnstons?

On Friday, TLC shared a clip from the show that wasn’t actually included in Season 12. They ended up filming more content than they needed to. So, on social media, TLC viewers got to watch one of the scenes that wasn’t featured in the most recent episode. This clip happened to include a big announcement from Alex and Emma Johnston. And it looks like the whole family was thrilled to hear their news.

7 Little Johnstons, YouTube

What is the 7 Little Johnstons family’s announcement?

In the never-before-seen clip, which is about a minute and a half long, Emma and Alex celebrate a special moment in their lives. They are both officially licensed drivers!

In the clip, Alex, Emma, and Amber got back from their last day of driver’s education. Trent was sitting at the kitchen table waiting to hear the big news. He teased that he knew Alex passed his test, but he wanted to know whether Emma did. 

She playfully withheld her response for a minute before excitedly saying that she passed! Amber announced to Trent, “We have five licensed drivers.”  

Then, Emma and Alex talked Amber into going for a drive around the neighborhood. 

In a confessional, the 7 Little Johnstons stars explained once again that they took and passed their tests. They seemed very excited to share the news with TLC viewers.

TLC, 7 Little Johnstons

You can watch the TLC clip here.

When did this big moment happen?

Emma and Alex actually got their licenses back in July. But due to filming and production time, TLC only shared the 7 Little Johnstons clip now. On her Instagram Stories this past summer, Amber celebrated her kids’ big milestone.

You can see the photo she shared below.

Amber Johnston Instagram, 7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons stars Emma and Alex Johnston have gone through many big life moments together because they are so close in age. They recently went to the homecoming dance at their school. On a less fun note, earlier this year, they both had their wisdom teeth extracted at the same time.

So, are you glad to hear the good news about Emma and Alex? Can you believe they’re old enough to drive? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TV Shows Ace for the latest 7 Little Johnstons news.

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  1. Lovely family I forget they are little people.
    Have been watching the show for about four years. Where can I watch earlier episodes of 7 little Johnston’s anyone??

    1. I have YouTube TV. It’s like cable, but it streams & records!! I LOVE it & also LOVE 7 Little Johnstons. I only started watching about 8 months ago & I was able to watch all the way back to season 1, episode 1. YAY!!! All I had to do was add the show to my “Library”. Library records all the newest episodes too so if you miss a few days or more you can always watch DVRs in library. You can skip through commercials in the ‘newer’ ones too!! The older seasons, since they weren’t started to record by you ~ way back then…then you may have to put up with 1-2 min commercials because of it being “Video on demand” episodes from way back. I absolutely LOVE my YouTube Tv!!! It’s not that expensive either!…around $70-$75. My son shares his account with me & I give him only $30 a month! That’s another great thing!!!… Whomever the account belongs to can share to 6 other devices, even at other’s residences!!!

  2. I love show it show that how hard lift can be. I learn about. Healthier problem. Known matter who you are you learn about them and that is good thing

  3. congratulations emma and alex i actually saw it on their Instagram story. so proud of these two young kids

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