‘7 Little Johnstons:’ Emma & Alex Celebrate Huge Moment Together

YouTube, 7 Little Johnstons

7 Little Johnstons stars Emma and Alex Johnston have done something big. Trent and Amber Johnston’s family is celebrating this exciting milestone and shared the moment with fans, too. Keep reading to get all of the details and check out the kids’ big accomplishments.

Emma and Alex seem to do a lot together, as fans have seen on social media and on their TLC show. They’re very close in age. Emma turned 17 on July 1 and Alex will be 17 on November 15.

YouTube, 7 Little Johnstons

So, it makes sense that the siblings are friends and do so much together. Recently, the siblings both had their wisdom teeth removed at the same time. They often appear in photos together on social media, and fans can’t believe how much they’ve grown up.

Now, the duo has met yet another milestone side by side.

7 Little Johnstons: Emma & Alex reach a special milestone.

On her Instagram stories this week, Amber revealed to 7 Little Johnstons fans that her kids have done something huge. She snapped a picture of her two 16-year-olds in front of the Georgia Department of Driver Services and uploaded it on Thursday, June 30.

As Alex and Emma stood outside the building, they both held up their temporary paper driver’s licenses. Both of the siblings are now legally able to drive!

In the photo, the 7 Little Johnstons stars are all smiles as they document their very special moment together.

In the corner of the photo, Amber added a little sticker that reads “driver license” to confirm the news that her kids are officially hitting the road.

Amber Johnston Instagram, 7 Little Johnstons

Fans recently questioned whether Emma had gotten her license yet. It looks like it wasn’t too far off from actually happening. And she’s not the only one who finally achieved this special milestone.

At this point, Amber hasn’t posted about this accomplishment on her main Instagram feed, so fans don’t have a chance to comment publicly yet. However, 7 Little Johnstons fans did have the chance to reply privately, so Emma and Alex likely received plenty of congratulations from proud followers.

So, what do you think of this big accomplishment by Emma and Alex? Do you love seeing the siblings do so many things together? Share your thoughts in the comments section below. And come back to TV Shows Ace for more Johnston family updates.

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