Warner Bros. Overrides Its Decision To Close A Key Workshop

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For the past few months, Warner Bros. Discovery has been taking several unprecedented decisions as its latest cost-cutting measures. On October 11, 2022, the company announced that two of its initiatives would be shut down. However, later on, they reversed their decision clarifying that these programs will now reside under the firm’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion unit.

Warner Bros. Aided New Writers & Directors With Its Workshop

Immediately after the company announced that it plans to nix its Writer And Directors Workshops initiatives, social media caught the wind of it and shared their opinion. These programs allowed qualified directors and writers to get their foot in this competitive industry. Without such initiatives, it can be particularly difficult for creative individuals to achieve headway when starting their careers.

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Talking about the decision reversal, Asif Sadiq, Warner Bros. Discovery CDEIO stated, “By continuing this successful WBTV initiative through the DEI division, we ensure that Warner Bros. Discovery’s continued commitment to training and development continues. Additionally, this is a strong example of how DEI plans to leverage our recently announced Creative Council to best align with our internal partners in maintaining our commitment to infusing our pipeline with diverse storytellers.”

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“As we solidify the agenda and scope of the Council, we are excited to be able to expand this important initiative alongside our other efforts providing opportunities for underrepresented creatives,” he further added.

Writers And Directors Workshop Will Be A Part Of DEI Pipeline

As per ComicBook, the Writers And Directors Workshop will be added to the current DEI pipeline programs. This includes several development opportunities for comedic voices, music supervisors, showrunners, and many more. The inclusion of this division will allow for an intense and broader DEI focus.

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Moreover, it will also help yield a larger pool of cohorts to benefit from exposure and experience provided by the company. The division will be led by Warner Bros. Discovery DEI Vice President Grace Moss. It will also be overseen by Warner Bros. Discover DEI U.S. Lead Karen Horne.

What Is Warner Bros. Discovery’s Workshop About?

This particular workshop selects as many as 8 participants out of 2500+ submissions. It has been running for 40 years and the participants meet for 3 hours once every week. The participants don’t get paid, so operational costs to maintain this initiative are minimal. The current 2022-23 edition of the Writers And Directors Workshop was earlier slated to be the last one. However, given the decision reversal, it will continue as DEI’s part.

This workshop has introduced talented individuals like Regina King, Justin Doble, Jonathan I. Kidd, Etan Frankel, and many others. So, letting go of this division might have robbed the industry of talented names that wished to make it in the industry.

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