New York Comic Con: Yen Press Snags 10 New Deals

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Yen Press recently announced its latest manga acquisition on Saturday at the New York Comic Con 2022 event. In the event, the manga publishing firm confirmed that it has licensed 10 new exceptional titles. This new work includes a fanbook, a webtoon, and several novels. Although Yen Press has announced the titles, no specific release date has been announced.

What are these new titles? Keep reading to find out!

Yen Press Acquires 10 Manga And Manhwa Titles

On October 9, 2022, the American graphic novel and manga publisher also shared a series of tweets describing each of its latest acquisitions.

Is It Wrong to try to pick up girls in a dungeon YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Founded by Kurt Hassler and Roch Johnson in 2006, this manga publishing company has given manga fans some of the best original series. This includes titles such as The Mortal Instruments, The World Of Quest, The Dark-Hunters: Infinity, and many more.

However, its latest acquisition opens up a window to bring onboard more manga fans in North America.

As per Anime News Network, Yen Press’s latest manga acquisitions include:

  • Sugar Apple Fairy Tale
  • Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?
  • Spy Classroom (Short Story Collection-Novel)
  • The Witch And The Knight Will Survive
  • Sasaki And Miyano: First-Years
  • Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (Novel)
  • Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop (Manga)
  • Reborn As A Vending Machine, I Now Wander The Dungeon
  • What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?
  • Horimiya Memorial Book Page. 100

When Will Yen Press Release These New Manga Titles?

Although a release date for these new acquisitions hasn’t been announced, it is highly possible that it would be somewhere around the third quarter of 2023. This is given the fact that earlier this month, Yen Press announced its series of 7 light novel and manga acquisitions slated for release in March 2023.

Some of these titles include The Otherworlder: Exploring The Dungeon, Sunbeams In The Sky, Kiniro Mosaic Best Wishes, and others.

Sasaki And Miyano Anime Movie Releases In 2023

Among its latest manga acquisitions, many titles already have an anime series in place garnering a huge fan base. For example, Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? inspired an anime series that premiered in April 2015. Currently, the series has a total of 48 episodes with 3 OVAs and is licensed by Crunchyroll.

Sasaki And Miyano Yen Press YouTube

[Source: YouTube]

Also, an anime adaptation of Spy Classroom is currently in the works. Studio Feel is in charge of the animation and production of the anime which is slated to release in 2023. However, no date has been officially announced yet. Sasaki And Miyano manga has also inspired an anime TV series as well as film. While the anime series is currently streaming on Funimation, the movie will release on February 17, 2023.

Are you excited about these new manga acquisitions by Yen Press? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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