Did Lala Kent Fall In Love At First Sight?

Lala Kent [#NoFilterWithZakPeter Podcast | YouTube]

Lala Kent is opening up about finding love again. In October 2021, she ended her engagement with Randall Emmett. Since then, she’s been hesitant about dating again. Lala kept flip-flopping back on forth on whether she should get back out there.

She admitted that she didn’t want to be intimate with someone else. The Bravo star couldn’t see her going there due to what happened with Randall. Lala also shared that she just wants a young, hot guy on her arm that she can bring everywhere she goes. However, it looks like the reality star is getting serious about somebody.

Read on to learn whether Lala fell in love at first sight.

Lala Kent [Radio Andy | YouTube]
[Radio Andy | YouTube]

Is the Pump Rules star in love?

Lala Kent talked about her dating life. She gave an update on Jeff Lewis’ radio show. The Vanderpump Rules star returned just ahead of Season 10, which doesn’t have a premiere date. Lala and Randall ended their relationship after alleged cheating.

The candid television star admitted that there’s someone special in her life. She smiled as she shared an update about her dating life. Lala is getting serious with the new man, who she calls a “unicorn.” Running a background check on her dates worked out for her after all.

“I might be in love with someone,” Lala Kent said on Jeff Lewis Live. “He’s a local. My friend’s been trying to hook me up with him for a long time and we finally met. We hung out literally … that was the third time.”

Lala Kent [Jeff Lewis Live | YouTube]
[Jeff Lewis Live | YouTube]
The Give Them Lala founder says they’ve been having “a lot of fun” together. She is not spilling the details of the lucky guy. Lala only revealed that he’s extremely attractive.

“I saw him very quickly. I was just like, ‘Oh my god,'” Lala Kent explained. “When the face hits right, it’s like game over.”

Jeff wanted to know if he was “age-appropriate.” She responded with a resounding “yes.” Lala said that he’s 38 years old, which “is the safe zone.” Her new flame has even got her wanting babies again.

Does Lala Kent have babies on the brain?

Lala Kent already shares one-year-old Ocean with Randall. However, she may be willing to try for another baby. Her new man is so attractive that she wants to acquire some of his DNA. It’s not just his looks that she’s all about. Lala revealed that he’s smart too.

“His face doesn’t match what comes out of his mouth. He’s a unicorn,” Lala Kent told Jeff. “I’m going to have to have his babies or something.”

That doesn’t mean Lala is ready to settle down. She admitted that has no plans to get married. What are your thoughts on Lala’s new man? Sound off below in the comment section.

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