‘DWTS’: Derek Hough Wants To Make The Ballroom More Inclusive

Derek Hough from The Jennifer Hudson Show

Derek Hough absolutely loves his role as a judge on Dancing With The Stars. For the past three years, he’s seen so many talented individuals come and go through the ballroom. Each year, the competition just keeps getting bigger and better.

Dancing With The Stars strives to be more inclusive than it was the year before, which is a good thing. Season 30 featured the first same-sex partnership while Season 31 features the first performer to compete in drag. What could Season 32 have in store?

Judge Derek Hough would absolutely love to make the ballroom a more inclusive place. See what he has in mind.

Derek Hough wants to show that dance is for everyone

The cast of Dancing With The Stars has featured contestants from many different backgrounds and walks of life. It has a wide audience and seeks to represent many different groups of people. Differently abled people have been featured on the show before and it’s always exciting to see them represent their community in the ballroom.

This year, actor Daniel Durant is representing the Deaf community. He and his partner Britt Stewart are doing an amazing job in the ballroom. However, there’s always an opportunity to expand access and represent more communities on DWTS. From a personal standpoint, Derek Hough would love to see a wheelchair user compete soon.

Derek Hough and Julienne Hough from The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Derek & Julianne Hough/The Ellen DeGeneres Show

“You can do amazing, amazing works of art, amazing pieces, amazing dancing using the apparatus,” Derek said in a recent interview with Business Insider. “The possibilities are endless. Honestly.”

The dancer knows — he’s worked with a wheelchair user before. His Season 18 partner was Amy Purdy, a Paralympian who used a wheelchair. Together, they came up with plenty of amazing ideas for choreography.

Derek Hough from The Jennifer Hudson Show
Derek Hough/The Jennifer Hudson Show

Derek Hough admitted that he isn’t an expert on adaptive dancing by any means. However, he would love the opportunity to learn more about it and share his love of dance with others.

When bright minds come together, anything is possible. Maybe DWTS Season 31 will feature another wheelchair user.

The competition continues for another night of fun in the ballroom

Without a doubt, the casting department is thinking about the talent they want for Season 32. Only time will tell if they follow Derek’s advice.

For now, there are still many episodes of Season 31 to look forward to. Disney+ Night is the theme for tonight’s episode and it’s definitely going to be a lot of fun.

Don’t miss the start of Disney+ Night! All the fun and action begins at 8 PM eastern time and 5 PM pacific time. Don’t forget to tune in and vote for your favorite couples. Who do you think will advance to next week and who will go home? Share your ideas and check back for more exciting DWTS content.

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