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Kody Brown’s Brother Dead: How Did He Die?

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Kody Brown was shocked when his second wife, Janelle revealed she bought an RV. In all fairness, she did what she felt was best at the time. Her rental home had been sold and though she could have bought it, she wanted to put the money toward building on Coyote Pass. The only issue was how they were going to get the RV and bring it home. Kody did not have the current capabilities but it seemed he knew someone close to him who did. It happened to be his late brother who left a truck behind and it was just what Kody and Janelle needed.

Kody Brown’s Sweet Ties To The RV Truck

In the latest episode of Sister Wives, Kody and Janelle embark on the adventure to get the RV that she purchased. First, Kody needed to get a truck that could pull it. He mentions that his brother had a truck and he had told his wife if she ever sold it, he wanted it. His goal was to keep it in the family as his brother had passed away. Some fans may remember that Kody’s brother, Curtis, passed away nearly a decade ago. According to Starcasm, his cause of death was a motorcycle accident.

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At the time of his passing, he was just 34. Though they have two other brothers, Curtis is the only one who is known to have passed away. Therefore, this is assumed to be his truck. His widow, Erica Brush Brown seemingly kept the truck for all of these years. Kody had noted that he wanted to carry on the legacy and would buy it when the time came. There was no time like the present to haul the RV to its new home on Coyote Pass.

Bringing It All Home

Kody Brown was able to get both the RV and his new truck home, where they belonged. Much like his first wife Meri’s B&B, it all gets to stay in the family. Viewers may remember how passionate Meri was about buying the inn as it had belonged to her family and she did not want to lose it to a stranger. Similarly, Kody felt the same about Curtis’s truck and wanted to ensure it stayed close to him. There has been a lot of loss over the past two seasons. Last year, Janelle’s mother passed away and this year, Meri’s mom suddenly died as she was on the way to see her in the hospital.

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Additionally, Kody has had to deal with the ending of his twenty-seven-year marriage to Christine. The two wed in 1994 but have struggled for around a decade. Now, she has officially decided to leave him, the plural family, and Flagstaff. It is shifting the familial dynamic but it might be all for the better.

What do you think of Kody Brown keeping his brother’s legacy alive? Did you catch that part in the episode? Let us know and watch Sister Wives Sundays on TLC.

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  1. kody Brown is a narcissist & didn’t go when his daughter had back surgery was horrible. clearly he has a favorite wife Robin . if your in a plural marriage it only makes sense to have 1 big house. Meri your crazy loyal to someone who doesn’t deserve it! You Meri deserve better!

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